Canceled Meetup

Vim Text Editor: Work Faster and Smarter, Not Harder w/ Girl Develop It


Quick: think of a time you had to do something really boring while writing code. Maybe it was reversing the order of items in a list, or adding a bunch of parentheses, or removing every line with console.log in it.

You're a human. You shouldn't do boring, repetitive work. Boring, repetitive work is for computers. Vim is a time-tested, free, and wonderful text editor that takes care of all this boring stuff for you. Once you put in the time to get good at it, Vim will greatly lower the barrier between thinking something and turning that thought into working code.

The workshop will progress something like this:

• See some examples of amazing things that Vim can do
• Download a simple HTML file and open it with Vim to start getting acquainted
• Configure Vim so it's easier to use and more powerful
• Learn how to constantly get better with Vim's built-in help docs
• Free play! Try editing some of your own code, or play Vimgolf

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