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Angular 2 Intro

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Bill Wolff MVP,
Rob Keiser MVP

Angular from Google is a popular JavaScript framework that implements MV* patterns. Over five months we will cover:

Angular Intro: expressions, modules, directives, controllers, filters, services

Angular Code: custom filters, directives, services, routing, templates, components

Angular Material: UI component framework similar to BootStrap

Angular 2 Intro: apps, modules, components, selectors, bootstrapping, TypeScript 2

Angular 2 Code: classes, export/import, routing, injection, testing, web APIs

All demos will use Visual Studio Code, NodeJS, and lite-server.

Tonight will be lots of new material but a slight change in approach. We will start 4 new projects and follow two tutorials. It would really help if you could prep those before arriving since they involve lots of download files. Here is the playbook:

install Visual Studio Code (
make sure VS Code is updated (Help > Check for Updates...)
install Node.JS (
use the Node.JS command prompt to check your node and npm versions
node -v should be >= 4.0.0
npm -v should be >= 3.0.0
create a quickstart app - I use c:\code so make it in c:\code\quickstart - and use the instructions here ( (this installs all the framework pieces locally using GIT or a ZIP download)
use the same approach to make a quickpdn app in c:\code\quickpdn
install the Angular-CLI using this node command (instructions here (
npm install -g angular-cli
create the my-app in c:\code\my-app
create a second app called angular2-fundamentals in c:\code\angular-fundamentals

This will make 4 projects for us to test and enhance. Two of them will be left pristine for comparison. The other 2 will host our tutorials.