Philly New Technology Meetup #13 - May 2015 - College Demo Night

This is a past event

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Local college entrepreneurs showcase their tech startups and innovations in this fast-paced, fun-filled agenda. In the midst of finals and graduation, on the cusp of their summer break, the Philly New Tech Meetup will see what these entrepreneurs have got. Who has the passion, commitment, and drive to make it in Philly? Let's support - and learn from - the next generation of our community.

6:00 Networking and food
6:30 BookSmart (Drexel Univ)
6:35 Dronecast (Drexel Univ)
6:40 StudyTree (Drexel Univ)
6:45 Q&A Demos 1-3
6:55 Spotlight: Campus Philly
7:10 fitDegree (Rowan Univ)
7:15 Habitat (Temple Univ)
7:20 KeggApps (Drexel Univ)
7:25 Q&A Demos 4-6
7:35 Spotlight: Start.Stay.Grow
7:40 Connect Forward (Lehigh Univ)
7:45 Mobile Cards (Phila Univ)
7:50 Bungalow Insurance (Penn)
7:55 Q&A Demos 7-9
8:05 Community announcements and networking
8:30 Happy Hour at Han Dynasty

Demo #1: BookSmart ( Ben Melman, @booksmartnow

Automation platform that assists artists and managers plan and organize tours, and providing a mobile app for all parties to use to stay on top of every detail.

Demo #2: Dronecast ( Raj Singh, @dronecast1

DroneCast is proud to offer the first and only drone based aerial advertising platform. Our patented platform allows us to fly banners, essentially becoming a flying billboard

Demo #3: StudyTree ( - Ethan Keiser, @StudyTreeApp

StudyTree is a mobile platform designed to connect students and tutors. StudyTree creates a network of university tutors and students.

Spotlight: Campus Philly (, Deborah Diamond

Campus Philly is a nonprofit organization that fuels economic growth by encouraging college students to study, explore, live and work in the Greater Philadelphia tri-state region.

Demo #4: fitDegree ( Dan Read, @fitdegree

We have created a mobile app that allows our users to find a fitness partner in their unique network. Our go to market strategy will be college students.

Demo #5: Habitat ( Andrew Nakkache, @HabitatMarket

An app that provides students with a secure marketplace that enables buying and selling of goods and services within their local habitats.

Demo #6: Kegg Apps ( - Jon McDaniel, Dan Eberhart , @KeggApp

Kegg is a mobile app for college students to discover events at their school and school's nearby.

Spotlight: Start.Stay.Grow (, Yuval Yarden

A series of ongoing events that connect local students with businesses and entrepreneurs in Philly. This program helps bring students into the fold of Philly’s entrepreneurial and technology communities, helping them create valuable relationships, incubate business ideas and grow a regional footprint.

Demo #7: Connect Forward ( - Jake Puzycki

Helps students find their way by connecting them with the people they want to grow up to be like.

Demo#8: The Mobile Cards ( - Andrii Demko

The Mobile Cards is a company that developed software that creates, manages and delivers mobile cards in Apple Passbook and PassWallet for Android mobile wallets.

Demo #9: Bungalow Insurance ( - Tom Austin, @bungalowins

Using data and design to create an insurance experience that finally meets the needs, habits and expectations of Millennial consumers.

Community Announcements

Hiring? Looking for a job? Promoting an event? Need to ask for help? Share your 30-second (not sales-oriented) announcement at our community meetup.