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March Madness Meets Love and Basketball!

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It’s starting already. No it’s not the MAD dash to the doctor for the flu epidemic, nor is it the MAD shopping rush to the mall for Easter. To some, it is indeed a bit distracting, but to others it is the most fascinating concentration of basketball EVER!


And for one day out of this mad, chaotic season we’re mixing love and basketball together to create a Mad Scientist concoction of fun, connections and possibly a little bit of clarity for the ladies(we LOVE clarity guys)around this mystic game.

The ladies are going to learn a little about how to relax and embrace this month of madness and the gentlemen are going to learn a little about how to release and be just a tad bit more ‘aware’ that the rest of the world (us ladies) still exists.

Friday, March 22nd at 8:00PM inside of the Marriott Downtown at Circ. Get ready to experience a NEW atmosphere of appreciation and love for basketball!

Do you want to learn the inside scoop about what creates complete, unbridled basketball absorption in men during this month?
Have you ever wondered what it would take to co-create a vibrant, sizzling relationship with a serious sports enthusiast?

Want some quick tips for balancing your love of ‘the game’(basketball , that is) and the budding relationship with that special someone in your life?
Want to flex your March Madness Muscles as you teach the ladies some of the key elements of the games?

Let’s face it, life is all about taking chances. If you are ready to take the risk needed to rise to the top like a “Cinderella Team” then it’s time to join “The Elite” for “The Big Dance” of your life.

This is different…Yeah, I know. But you MUST do something a little different in order to get different (better) results. Enjoy a night of casual dining in a fun, chill atmosphere, mixed with love and basketball 'situational' trivia. Experience the fun, low-key March Madness Mindset Mini Bootcamp along with Cathy Bishop and her Fit To Date Challenge Team.

P.S. Ladies, we will learn about brackets and how to fill them out( I have pink ones for you!). We’ll also learn about the Cinderella teams, Seeds, Elite 8, Tiers, The big dance and more!

P.P.S Gentlemen, just bring your ‘A’ Game!

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