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Philadelphia, PA

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May 8, 2015


Hi, I'm Brian - I'm the organizer for Philly's chapter of Skeptics in the Pub, as well as for a non-partisan political discussion meetup called Philly Political Agnostics. I hope to stimulate some critical thinking and interesting discussions!

Which of the following types of events are you interested in: (1) informal events for socializing, (2) science trivia & games, (3) formal group discussions, (4) organized debates, (5) public lectures & skeptic conventions?

I don't mind some informal events for socializing, but I prefer formal discussions, lectures & skeptic conventions. Trivia nights would be fun it there's enough interest.

Are there any skeptic-related authors, TV shows, films, podcasts, or blogs that you like? If you'd like to see us cover them, please list them...

Sam Harris's Waking Up podcast, Rationally Speaking podcast, SGU podcast, Skeptoid podcast, Slate Star Codex blog, Science-Based Medicine blog

Which of these skeptical issues interest you: (1) atheism & religious debates, (2) fake news & fact checking, (3) scientific debates & pseudoscience, (4) pseudohistory & conspiracy theories, (5) logical fallacies & cognitive bias, (6) consumer fraud?

I love all of these issues, but I tend to take more interest in the philosophical side of these issues than most people.

Do you have enough education & experience to be our "go-to person" on any skeptic topics - and if so, which ones?

I majored in history & minored in philosophy in college and currently work in construction management, so those are my areas of expertise.