Enterprise Microservices powered by Spring Cloud

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The rise in popularity of cloud-native architectures and the shift to implementing apps as series of focused microservices developed around bounded contexts has led to the discovery and rediscovery of patterns useful in designing distributed systems. Techniques such as service discovery, centralized configuration accessed through an app’s deployment environment, and graceful degradation of behavior through circuit breakers are common solutions for this style of architecture and can be built into tools for applying these techniques across apps.

This talk will provide an overview and demo of Spring Cloud Netflix that makes the use of Eureka and Hystrix as simple as including starters dependencies in an app and adding an annotation to a configuration class. Spring Cloud Config includes a configuration server and client library that enable Spring apps to consume centralized configuration as series of property sources.

Krishna Gogineni has worked in a variety of software development and architecture roles across several industries since 2000. He began developing applications with Spring not long after its initial release in 2003 and has been a big fan of the framework and evangelized it in JPMC big time. Krishna currently works for Pivotal as a Senior Platform Architect for Pivotal Cloud Foundry, where he works with customers to achieve business outcomes with Pivotal solutions.

Food and beverage provided for 6:30 start. Presentation to start around 6:45.

Thank you to Vanguard for hosting our event.