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Using MarkLogic to Handle Highly Variable Data

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In 2012, Great Britain hosted the Olympic Games. The BBC wanted to overhaul their Sport website to be able to handle the variety and volume of data they knew would be coming, while building a reliable architecture. On the new site, there would be a page per athlete (10,000+), a page per country (200+), a page per discipline (400-500), a page per venue, and a page per team. Throughout the Games, statistics, video and metadata would flow in. When the Olympics were done, unique browser requests per day had peaked at 11 million globally.

MarkLogic's Enterprise NoSQL database provided the platform for the BBC's new site.

This talk will discuss how a document-oriented database lets you manage different asset data types without spending months on schema design, while showing you don't have to give up the reliability of ACID compliance you expect from a database. Come see how this approach puts you in touch with your data faster. We'll also touch on some architectural matters to show how ACID compliance gets maintained, even at scale (whereas many NoSQL databases compromise on ACID in order to manage volume performantly).

Dave Cassel currently leads the MarkLogic team that builds proof-of-concept and demo applications. Previously he was a post-sales consultant, building production applications. Dave is the co-author of the Roxy framework for building applications on top of MarkLogic.


6:00 - pizza
6:30 - presentation
8:00 - socializing at Nodding Head Brewpub

We meet on the 16th floor (hopefully room X) of the MSB. The desk may have this listed as 'Philly Tech Groups', or 'Technically Philly Groups'