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DevOps for Small Shops & Training Wheels for LXC

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This month we will have two talks. One is by Chris Couples on DevOps at smaller organizations. The other is by Tim Gross on Linux Containers (LXC).

DevOps for Small Shops

Things happen differently when you have a team of 40 sysadmins versus 1, but there are still solid gains to be had by doing things the DevOps way (whatever that is). This talk will be less directly technical (in the screenshots and code-snippets sense), but the hope is that it will generate some useful discussion.

Chris Couples ( is an itinerant sysadmin, having cut his teeth on DEC Ultrix and RedHat 5. His first "official" Linux box was a VA Linux white-box, which even had its own DAT drive(!).

He's done the Philly higher-ed IT circuit, worked at, and now is the Systems Administrator in the Mount Laurel, NJ office of Altegra Health.

He's trained as a political scientist, which has nothing and everything to do with systems administration (but that's a different talk...). When not at a keyboard, he spends his time with his wife and daughter, and occasionally gets out to play a round of golf.

Training Wheels for LXC

Docker may be the new hotness, but it's just an interface over Linux containers (LXC). Tim will dive into what's going on under the hood, and show how much of what Docker does can be replaced by your favorite configuration management tools. He'll discuss some typical use cases for both and when one might choose LXC over Docker.

Tim Gross ( is the DevOps lead for DramaFever, where he works on deployment, AWS operations, and backend software engineering. When he's not cutting code or scratching his head at Cloudwatch, he might be found helping out at PhillyPUG. His secret hobby is trolling the Go programmers at DramaFever about Erlang.

1701 John F Kennedy Boulevard · Philadelphia, PA
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