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Are you looking for a welcoming community to practice French with?

Is your French getting rusty?

Are you a native French speaker?!

Or, do you want to find a French/English language exchange partner?


If you said ‘YES’ to any of these questions, then this is the french meetup group for you. We would like to fill out your profile so that we can all get to know each other better and make our French learning community feel more welcoming. Please read the rest of what is written below if it pertains to you. And with that we wish you a warm welcome and hope you can join us for our next meetup event!


If you are unsure, then let us (this group’s organizers) reassure you that we want to make our group as welcoming as possible. We welcome everyone from HIGH BEGINNERS through to NATIVE SPEAKERS to come, talk, and connect. And at our events we encourage all members to be considerate of other members expectations while they fulfill their own expectations. Less proficient French learners should be considerate that all of us are French learners and need to practice in a way that challenges ourselves so that we progress and maintain our French speaking abilities. Also, the meetup is not meant to replace the professional instruction of a French language class or be the only part of a determined self-taught approach. That said, more proficient French learners and maintainers should be considerate and recognize that our French speaking community only grows and gets better if we give back to it by making less proficient speakers feel welcome and helping them learn. We all benefit from this as we fulfill our expectations because the variety of conversation to be had and the energy that new learners bring are what help us all enjoy the events, leave feeling accomplished, and keep coming back. Thank you for helping everyone else on their French learning journeys and for helping the organizers foster an environment where this happens naturally.

To make our meetup group accessible to as many as possible during these surreal times of physical distancing and home isolation, all events are both ONLINE and FREE. Because we cannot host IN PERSON events we are limited in what types of events are possible, so please contact this group’s ogranizers or fill out the poll (follow the link below) to let us know how we can adapt our events to ONLINE and add variety to our events. Thank You!


While this is only for the foreseeable future, it is encouraging to think of how this will not always be the case and when we are able to return to hosting IN PERSON events that are better than before. This is why we foresee IN PERSON events becoming HYBRID events that allow some members to join us virtually at most if not all events. Also, we want to continue hosting ONLINE events that enable us to speak and connect with French speakers all over the world. Which has amazing potential for good and diverse conversations. When back IN PERSON, we hope to get back to organizing relaxed Saturday events at Cafés, a few outdoor potluck picnics when the weather is just right, and Happy Hour events in Center City during the week. If you have any good ideas on what, where and when we can do for future IN PERSON events, please message this group’s organizers directly or respond to this poll (follow link below). Thank You!



And, if you said ‘NO’ because the events are not exactly what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to message this group’s organizers or respond to this poll (follow link above) and work with us in or let us know how we can all benefit from making our (inclusive) meetup better. We are open to any and all suggestions that help us better accommodate the diverse learning preferences of our french learning and speaking community. Thank You!


If you have put in the effort to read to here, you will understand that maintaining our online events is not easy and it is also not free for the organizers. Occasionally we will host fundraising events to offset the costs of hosting these events on meetup (~$17/month) and Zoom Pro Video Conferencing software (~$15/month). At these events we encourage members to make donations to offset only these expenses. Just $5 from all the attendees at a typical event is often enough to fund our group for months and makes our group more sustainable.

In the future, we would like to organize online French/English language exchange events as more native french speakers discover our ONLINE events from abroad. And then make the group more open to Beginners who can form French/English language exchanges with native speakers and become inspired to learn the French language in the best way possible, through friendly collaboration and understanding. And maybe visit their new French speaking friend(s) wherever they live. The grand vision is to build an INTERNATIONAL, FREE, and ONLINE/IN PERSON (HYBRID) French conversation community that brings together French learners and speakers from around the world for the common purpose of learning and sharing language.

À La Prochaine Meetup!,
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