[Center City] Confessions of an Impostor

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Two Logan - Slalom Consulting

100 N 18th St., Suite 2000 · Philadelphia

How to find us

Upon entering the lobby of Two Logan Square get your badge from the security desk and take the first bank of elevators on the left to the 20th floor.

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Confessions of an Impostor: How to manage your Impostor Syndrome and Continue to Succeed

About the Talk:
Everyone experiences Impostor Syndrome some time in their life, even if they have been in a particular field for a while. As a career changer, I experience Impostor Syndrome every day and I've learned some things to help me cope with my Impostor Syndrome and prove to myself that I actually deserve to be where I am.

About the Speaker:
Ivana Veliskova is a front-end engineer at Guru writing JavaScript for their core product. She graduated from Boston University with a BA in International Relations and minor in Computer Engineering, but when she realized that world peace was better suited as a Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor, she started to learn web development. In her free time, you can find Ivana dancing and baking (sometimes, at the same time) or enjoying a table top game (Settlers of Catan, anyone?). Ivana is an official Pokemon Master, a Doctor Who/BBC fanatic, and can dish out obscure quotes and references like ninja stars. You can find this hoper of far-flung hopes and dreamer of improbable dreams on twitter @ivanaveliskova

6:00 - 6:30 PM - Food and Networking (food catered)
6:30 - 8:00 PM - Talk

This meeting will be hosted by our friends at Slalom Consulting (https://www.slalom.com/). They are located at Two Logan
100 N 18th St., Suite 2000 · Philadelphia

Anyone who does not have their full name in Meetup will need to reach out and private message Anthony or Nick through meetup with their full name. We need to provide a name list to the security desk at Two Logan Square for access to the building. Please bring an ID with you as front desk will check it before providing you with a badge.

We recommend taking public transportation, Two Logan Square is just a block away from Suburban Station if you exit the station at 18th street.

Logan Square Parking Ramp
1815 Cherry Street. There is also an entrance on Arch Street between 18th and 19th.
PARKWAY – outdoor parking
1901 Arch and 1919 Arch
SP+ - 1901 JFK Blvd.
There is street parking throughout the Logan Square neighborhood
We also encourage folks to use the SpotHero app to check for additional lots within 1-3 miles of us who may offer discounted rates.

The venue and food catering is sponsored by Slalom Consulting (https://www.slalom.com/)