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July 2013 Monthly Meeting

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Historical Details: a case study on tracking how information changes over time by Nathan Davis Olds (

Think about your phone number while growing up. You can still remember it even though it isn't your phone number anymore. Historical Details retrieves information about a domain object as it was at a given time. Historical Details was built to remember information like a phone number and then recall it by time like "while growing up".

The presentation is divided into three sections:

A high level discussion about arriving to Historical Details as a solution A code-level walkthrough of the Historical Details A reflective evaluation of challenges and possibilities of Historial Details

Lightning talks

Five Ruby Things by Kevin Skoglund (

Kevin Skoglund, author of "Ruby Essential Training" on (, will cover five methods, techniques, or concepts to expand your Ruby knowledge. Topics will span a range of skill levels so there will be something for everyone.


Disclaimer: Any skill level will learn from this meeting. The meetings are about networking and enlightenment. It's an opportunity to talk to others with the same interest.