Is Jesus the historically transmitted figure of Julius Caesar?

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Francesco Carotta, the linguist and philosopher, uncovered historical evidences, which indicate the story of Jesus is based on the history of Julius Caesar. The symbols of Christ are from the Cult of Caesar: the titles (God, Son of God, the Almighty, the Merciful, the Savior, the Redeemer, etc); the date of death (15th); the 'cross'; the resurrection; the ascension, etc.

Little known now, Caesar was praised as the Greatest Pope (Pontifex Maximus) and worshiped as the highest of Gods (Divus Iulius). Carotta sums up: 'Jesus is a true historical figure, he lived as Gaius Julius Caesar, resurrected as Divus Iulius, and later transformed into Jesus'.

Whether one agrees or not with the theory, participants are expected to discuss with an open mind and have read/view the following three links:

• Jesus was Caesar: Parallels. (

• Caesar commemorated as God (Wikipedia). (

• The documentary film: The Gospel of Caesar. ( Essential viewings are between: 41-46 minutes, 1h: 10-12m, 1h: 15-20m, and from 1h: 26m.


Francesco Carotta's book: Jesus was Caesar (


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