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Philosopher's Cafes are bringing philosophy back to its original intention of providing food for thought for people in everyday life and encouraging them to lead, more examined lives. Socrates practiced philosophy in the marketplace, taking on all comers, willing to discuss anything with anyone, anytime. This is the tradition of the philosopher's cafe.

If you’re tired of being given your opinions, fed up with tabloid culture and no-brainer movies, you’ve got 157 channels and nothing worth watching. Maybe you visit the Gym and keep you body fit but what about your mind? If you are curious and inquisitive then join us in a relaxed but thought provoking atmosphere whilst enjoying good conversation, food and fellowship. It is only asked that you:

Bring along a curious mind

Have some questions to ask

Are tolerant with views you may not agree with.

Are civil and challenge ideas, not people.

Accept we have no censorship or unthinkable thoughts.

Are prepared to justify your views.

Taking part in a Philosophers Café may help you become clearer about your own values, learn about the values of others and can help you achieve a greater level of self-understanding. Sharing open and free discussion can help you clarify your own thoughts. Taking part can make you a better listener or a better speaker or both. You will gain intellectual stimulation from hearing a variety of views. Respecting and understanding different opinions can be mentally stretching and confidence building. Interacting with others in discussion is enjoyable and informative. This is the tradition of the Philosopher's Cafe. If you are interested then join the group to receive details of when and where monthly meetings will be held.

There’s nothing to loose and everything to gain.

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