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Hello fellow philosophers. I hope you find this page. Chances are you won't though because 99% of the people on the Internet are idiots. If you found this, and you're over the age of 50, then join in. We don't let them young uns in.

We'll have special meetings in dark libraries and private clubs without anybody in their 20s around, except our serve staff. They can be in their 20s. In fact, they must be - that's in our Charter.

Our Charter further indicates for a refined gentleman, the only type that can be a member. You'll have to go through a lengthy interview, and if Herb is present, so much the better.

We're a private club of gentlemen, who've already made our money. That's number 1.

Some of us are millionaires, and not ashamed to say so neither. We'll spend $200 on a meal and feel happy about it. We only drink $100+ bottles of wine. That's what separates us from the chaff.

I don't think this group will have more than 10 members in its lifetime, but if it does, we'll celebrate.

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