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Sun. morning discussion: Atheists for Dummies (21 sessions)

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10-12-13 Update: Location changed for this event only.

New Location: Qdoba Mexican Grill
4655 SW Griffith Dr.
Beaverton, OR 97005
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(Old location was: Beaverton Community Center.)

Questions? Call Bernie at 503-317-0746


In this series, Bernie Dehler will give a short overview from a Chapter of Dale McGowan's book "Atheism for Dummies." Click here ( to see the book listed at ($15.44 paperback; $9.99 Kindle; $11 used). See the bottom of this page for the schedule (which chapter to read for which Sunday). It is best if you pre-read the material, but drop-ins are welcome (attend one or more sessions).

Who is this Sunday session meant for? People of all belief systems are welcome to attend. Are you an atheist and want to learn more about what atheist leaders are teaching? Then this is for you. Are you an agnostic and wondering if you should be an atheist? This is for you. Are you a Christian or Muslim and are curious what atheists believe? This is for you. As long as you can be friendly and inquisitive, and the topic interests you, then this Sunday session is for you.


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More info on this series, schedule:

Part I: Understanding What Atheism Is

10-13-13 Chapter 1: Meeting Atheism

10-20-13 Chapter 2: Unweaving the Rainbow of Disbelief

10-27-13 Chapter 3: Recognizing What Atheists Do and Don’t Believe — and Why

Part II: Following Atheism through the Ages

11-3-13 Chapter 4: Finding Atheism in the Ancient World

11-10-13 Chapter 5: Going Medieval

11-17-13 Chapter 6: Enlightening Strikes

11-24-13 Chapter 7: Opening a Golden Age of Freethought

12-1-13 Chapter 8: Growing Up in the Tumultuous 20th Century

12-8-13 Chapter 9: Voicing a New Atheism, and a New Humanism, for the 21st Century

Part III: Reading the Great Works of Atheism

12-15-13 Chapter 10: Uncovering Lost, Secret, Censored, and Forbidden (,navId-322516,descCd-tableOfContents.html) Works

12-22-13 Chapter 11: Sampling Important Works: Deep Thoughts, Big Thinkers

12-29-13 Chapter 12: Laughing in Disbelief: Challenging the Divine with Humor

2014, TBD Chapter 13: Reawakening Passionate (,navId-322516,descCd-tableOfContents.html) Disbelief: Key Works of the 21st Century

Part IV: Living a Full Life without Belief in God

2014, TBD Chapter 14: Getting Personal with Atheism Today

2014, TBD Chapter 15: Being Good with or without God

2014, TBD Chapter 16: Seeing the World Naturally

2014, TBD Chapter 17: Being an Atheist in a Religious World

2014, TBD Chapter 18: Getting the Best of Religion … and Leaving the Rest

Part V: The Part of Tens

2014, TBD Chapter 19: Ten Surprising Things about Atheists and Other Nonbelievers

2014, TBD Chapter 20: Ten (Plus One) Famous People You May Not Know are Nonbelievers

2014, TBD Chapter 21: Ten Fun and Easy Ways to Explore Atheism


More about the author:
Dale McGowan, PhD, writes the popular secular blog The Meming of Life, teaches secular parenting workshops across North America, and is executive director of Foundation Beyond Belief, a humanist charitable organization. He has been interviewed in major publications, such as Newsweek and the New York Times, and was 2008 Harvard Humanist of the Year.