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Miller's Ale House Restaurant

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Tonight's kick-starter is the question, "What is real?" Here are some talking points that, as always, are only tentative and provisional because the conversations at our mixers go with the flow!

-- What is more real than cause-and-effect? Is it not often said that if you want to know the true nature of a thing you should look at its cause? Well, if someone has a dream that is the direct cause of a subsequent action, then is the dream real because it is the cause of something that is by all accounts quite real? And if you say that the dream was not real but the action was, then how can something that is not real be the cause something that is?

-- There is nothing more real than pain! But as we all know, pain is just in the mind.

-- Plato, as in his story about the shadow world of the men in the cave, believed that our perceptions of reality are shadow-like imitations of the pure world of the Forms. Kant wrote about the unknowable and indescribable reality behind the phenomenal world of sense that he called ‘noumena’; phenomena itself is merely a product of the transcendental structure of the human mind. Hegel, on the other hand, believed that reality is in our concepts.

-- And what about the reality of the self? Now that’s a big one!

-- History is sometimes false. And are not nations and humanity a product of history? The history books we study in school truly shape our reality. But if some history is false, is reality a sham? And what does one say about a reality that is built upon lies? In that case, one might argue that the perceived reality and the beliefs that are founded upon it are illusions, i.e, unreality.

While I set the duration of this event at 3 hrs., it could be shorter or longer as it is just an estimate (you'll stay as long as you wish!)

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