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This group will discuss the role of philosophy and ethics in a quantum-entangled world. Specifically, how/why should quantum-entanglement based technologies be leveraged, regulated and/or restricted by society. Some example technologies to be discussed will include:
What if QE-based Brain-Computer-Interface technology; not requiring implants or conventional wireless, and effective at any range, is possible? Should the technology be used in fighting terrorism, crime, etc., providing medically assistive capability, providing augmented human intelligence, etc? If so, how/why should it be regulated/restricted?
What if QE-based Sensing/Imaging/Control, effective at any range, is possible? Should it be used in beyond-cyber warfare capability wherein an opponents weapons (including all kinetic and nuclear capability) can be pre-emptively disabled and shut down at any range and without the need for any form of conventional wired or wireless infrastructure? How/why should it be used for the greater good in the geopolitical world? How/why should the same technology be utilized in creating the ultimate medical diagnostics (and in some cases repair) capability? How/why should it be regulated by society?
The application possibilities of QE-based technology will be virtually unlimited in the future, and it will be the aim of this group to discuss the philosophical and ethical implications for society, and if/how/why we should embrace/regulate/restrict these technologies.
Anyone interested in philosophy, ethics, law, religion, quantum physics, quantum biology, biotechnology, medicine, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, electrical and computer engineering, etc., would definitely benefit the group; and, as always, anyone simply intrigued by the above group description is also welcome to join!

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