Ethical egoism (Introduction to Ethics series)

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Justine Borer, adjunct philosophy professor at John Jay College, will lead this meeting.

We'll examine the theory of ethical egoism (the idea that people should always act in their own self-interest). We'll discuss examples of figures in history and current events who appeared very selfless (Raoul Wallenberg, who risked his life to protect people from Nazi persecution; Oseola McCarty, who worked as a housekeeper for her entire life, lived very frugally, and saved enough to endow a scholarship at a college; and Wesley Autrey, the "subway hero" who jumped onto a subway track to save someone's life). Does it make sense to say that these people were being immoral?

The optional reading is Chapter 5 of "The Elements of Moral Philosophy," by Rachels (available to buy, or to rent for approximately $20, on Amazon).

Dinner will be served at this meeting, and is included in the sign up fee.