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Find How to Live Truly_ Special Meditation Seminar
1. Who wouldn't want to have Freedom and Peace? Who wouldn't want Everlasting Happiness? Who wouldn't want to Live Truly Well? Dreams come true with our worldwide sensational Meditation Method! 2. Human is incomplete because humans are living inside human mind world which is lived life, thoughts and habits. When you discard your lived life and thoughts and habits, you go back to the origin. When you are reborn from the origin, You never die. You will know the meaning of the world and you can achieve human completion. 3. Benefits of our Meditation 1) Your face brightens up. 2) Your face becomes the most beautiful for your style. 3) Illness disappears. 4) All of the mind clutter disappears. 5) You are able to succeed. You can become 10 times more efficient. 6) Exhaustion disappears. 7) You are always in comfort and happy. 8) You have confidence in whatever it is you do. 9) You will be free from illness and have longevity. You achieve human completion and live forever. Phnom Penh Meditation Phnom Penh Meditation -Open hours : Mon - Sun 8:30am to 10:30pm(Classes by appointment only) -Location : #1001, A105, Camko City, Phnom Penh -Contact :[masked],[masked] -For more info : Feel free to call us for more info. Thank you and look forward to introducing our meditation. Sunny & Kim & the Team Phnom Penh Meditation

Phnom Penh Meditation Center

#1001, A105, Camko City R1, Camko street Sangkat Toul Sangke, Khan Russeykeo · Phnom Penh