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Hope you all doing well.

Phoenix will be closing on Meet Up at the end of this month, and full refunds are being offered - please email Neil your bank details before the 25th of September.

We would just like to thank you all for being part of Phoenix - we’ve had lots of fun and made many good memories!

All the very best
Zoe and Neil

Phoenix is a 30+ social group based in Northampton, our ethos is fun and friendly! If a member is nervous about coming along please message the hosts or organisers and we’ll meet you outside the venue.

Our amazing hosts have put on events that include live music, quiz night, badminton, tennis, walking, tribute acts, movie night, National Trust day out, meals ( breakfast, lunch and dinner), shooting range, driving range, book club - there really is something for everyone

There is a annual membership fee of £10 - new members get a full month free - try before you buy! (See below for full information). We do not charge an RSVP fee per ‘free’ event.

Members are welcome to bring guests, numbers permitting and according to each individual event's setting, but we do ask that if you are inviting a plus one, you message either myself or Zoe beforehand to let us know who's coming - our members' safety is paramount and we do need to see who will be attending. (We would also ask that, once a guest has attended 3 events, they join the group as a member in their own right.)

So if you are fun, friendly, and over 30 (there's no upper age limit), and want to live life to the full, come and join us!

See you soon!


Membership Fee Info

•Membership fee per annum will be £10 per person (less than £1 per month).

•The fee is due on the 1st of April.

•New members will get a free month membership, with it falling due on the 1st of the month (following a full free month – so if someone joins the group on 15th April, membership becomes due on 1st June). The free month does not apply to members who may leave the group, and then apply again to join.

•Plus ones – they will be allowed 3 visits, and then will be expected to apply to join in their own name and pay membership. They may continue as a plus one at the discretion of the organisers as long as full membership is paid.

•Membership fees will be used to pay the meet up costs the organisers currently pay. It will also be used to purchase tickets via groupon deals, and the discount will be passed onto members.

•If membership is not paid on the due date, members will be removed.

•Payment may be made via PayPal (please add 67p for admin fee Neil is currently paying – finch267@btinternet.com.

• Alternatively it can be paid via BACS, no fee payable – please ensure you put your names in the reference, so that we know who’s has paid 😊. Neil will private message you the bank details.

• Cash can also be paid at events to either Neil or myself.

•Payments received will be recorded on Meet-up and you will receive a message to confirm receipt.

•Please can we just highlight the code of Conduct of this group – please read through them....

There is talk of WeWork (who own Meetup) changing fees, and because there has been such an outcry about proposed changes, they have back tracked considerably!

Should these charges become unreasonably high to the organisers, we will find another platform to run Phoenix. Here is the link to the full story, should you want further information:


Please see below for our Code of Conduct

Phoenix 30+ Fun & Friendship Group Northants Code of Conduct

1. The “Group” relates to Phoenix 30+ Fun & Friendship Group Northants. The “Organisers” relates to the administration team and the founding members of the Group. The Groups members are also referred to as Fun Lovers.

2. All Members should be treated with courtesy and respect and shall treat all other Members with courtesy and respect.

3. Members are responsible for taking reasonable care over their health and safety. Members shall observe any applicable rules and reasonable directions provided by the Group or by any relevant third party relating to the health and safety of Members and of other non-members. The Group cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury to Members or non-member guests.

4. Members must familiarise themselves with their responsibilities and obligations and respect the rights of other Members.

5. All Members are to be treated equally without discrimination. New Members have the same rights as established (yearly subscription, if any are chargeable, paid) Members of the Group.

6. When attending any Group premises, event or activity and at all other relevant times affecting or in connection with the Group, Members must respect and adhere to this Code of Conduct.

7. Members must maintain good and proper standards of behaviour and act and conduct themselves sensibly, responsibly, appropriately and with proper consideration to any other Members and to any third parties likely to be affected by their conduct.

8. Members should be aware of any potential adverse effect upon the enjoyment of the rights of other Members which the Member’s behaviour has or may have and should be prepared to moderate their behaviour accordingly in consideration of the rights of other Members. The aim of the Group is to create a happy and pleasant environment for all Members and it is expected that Members contribute towards the same environment.

9. Members should not behave in a negative or destructive manner towards the Group, its events or fellow Members.

10. Members are entitled to be free of harassment, bullying or abusive behaviour. For the purposes of this Code of Conduct, harassment is any conduct which a Member knows, or ought to know or to expect, will cause alarm or distress to the recipient. Bullying or abusive behaviour is any behaviour which is intended or is likely to cause a person to feel uncomfortable.

11. Members must observe the law and any applicable regulations and shall conduct themselves in a manner which will not bring the Group into disrepute.

12. Members shall take proper care of and respect the property and facilities of or provided by or through the Group.

13. Members shall observe this Code of Conduct when attending all external events in collaboration with any other group.

14. Where Members have been permitted to bring any non-member guest to a Group, event or premises, the Members must take responsibility for ensuring that the guest complies with this Code of Conduct. Members must disclose full details of all non-member guests they have requested to attend Group meet-up. The Group reserves the right to refuse any or all non-member guest to attend any or all Group meet-up.

15. ‘No Shows’ - if a member fails to attend 3 events, without notification of why they are not attending, the organisers reserve the right to remove this member without prior notification.

16. All and any complaints should be made via the Groups Meet-Up platform messaging system.

17. Breach of this Code of Conduct may result in the expulsion of a Members and/or Members and will be at the discretion of the Organisers.


(I) Members should consider their personal safety as top priority and are encouraged not to give out personal details ie. Phone number; address.

(II) The Organisers recommends that all communications between Members should be discussed through message system on Meet Up.

(III) Car sharing is an economical method, however please ensure you have full details of any Member offering lifts and inform family and friends of your intentions.

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