Kungsleden (King’s Trail), Sweden 2021

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[masked](H) Kungsleden (King’s Trail), Sweden ITINERARY
Trail: 9 Days/9 Nights
[masked](H), 330PM: Depart Pittsburgh (PIT)
16 hours, 30 minutes
August 27, 2020(F)
Arrive at 130PM to Kiruna, SE (KRN)
Overnight in Kiruna

Bus from Kiruna to Abisko
Minimum: 6 Huts (Day 1 through Day 4)
August 28, 2020(ST)
Day 1: Abisko to Abiskojaure
13.3km/8.26 miles, easy, 4 hours and 50 minutes
Free Shelter: Open-sided at Nissonjokk
Supply: Abisko and Abiskojaure STF Fjallstuga (Hut)
August 29, 2021(SN)
Day 2: Abiskojaure to Alesjaure
20.3km/12.61 miles, moderate, 6 hours and 50 minutes
Free Shelter: Open-sided at the wooden boat jetty.
Supply: Alesjaure STF Fjallstuga (Hut)
August 30, 2021(M)
Day 3 (Section 1): Alesjaure to Tjaktja
13.1km/8.14 miles, moderate, 4 hours and 45 minutes
Shelter: None
Supply: None
August 31, 2021(T)
Day 4 (Section 2): Tjaktja to Salka
12.5km/7.77 miles, moderate, 4 hours and 30 minutes
Day 3 Total: 25.6km/15.94 miles, moderate, 9 hours and 15 minutes
Shelter: Emergency Shelter at Tjaktja Pass
Supply: Salka STF Fjallstuga (Hut)
September 1, 2021(W)
Day 5: Salka to Singi
11.6km/7.21 miles, easy, 4 hours and 20 minutes
Shelter: Emergency Shelter at Kuoperjakka
Supply: None
Hut: Singi STF Fjallstuga (Hut)
September 2, 2021(H)
Day 6: Singi to Kebnekaise
14.1km/8.76 miles, moderate, 5 hours
Shelter: None
Shop: Kebnekaise STF Fjallstation (Hut)
September 3, 2021(F)
Kebnekaise Summit Round-Trip: 32km/10.81 miles, moderate, 10 hours
Day 7: Kebnekaise to Kebnekaise Summit
8.7km/5.41 miles, moderate, 6 hours
Shelter: Available
Shop: Kebnekaise STF Fjallstation (Hut), none at Kebnekaise Summit (Hut)
September 4, 2021(ST)
Day 8: Kebnekaise Summit to Kebnekaise
8.7km/5.41 miles, moderate, 4 hours
Shelter: None
Shop: Kebnekaise STF Fjallstation (Hut)
September 5, 2021(SN)
Day 9: Kebnekaise to Nikkaluokta
17.9km/11.12 miles, moderate, 6 hours
Moose: Prime habitat
Overnight in Nikkaluokta
Shelter: Simple wooden hut at Laccjujavri boat jetty.
Supply: Enoks Café at Laddjujavri village
September 6, 2021(M)
Nikkaluokta to Kiruna: Bus
Overnight in Kiruna
September 7, 2021(T)
Depart at 1030AM from Kiruna, SE (KRN)

TRAVEL TO: 1 Day/1 Night
TRAVEL FROM: 1 Night/1 Day
12 Days/11 Nights
120km/74.69 miles

PIT to KRN (Kiruna, Sweden)
KRN to OSL (Oslo, Norway)

Recommended guide book:
The Kungsleden- Walking Sweden's Royal Trail, August 31, 2019 by Mike Laing

This is an adventure for the experienced backpacker only.
It’s not a difficult trek with only gradual ascent then descent to and from Tjaktja Pass (1150 meters/3373 feet).
Early in the season but possibility of northern lights.
Should be no mosquitoes.
Weather can vary so be prepared for cold, rain, snow… Please have the proper gear.
Itinerary is flexible in terms of daily mileage not start and finish day.
Wild camping is permitted anywhere along the trail except the first two miles of the King’s Trail.
My plan is to camp at the hut campsites unless weather is poor and then we can stay in the huts. They always make room for people. We could always wild camp too if we see a great spot.
We likely will stay in the Kebnekaise then Kebnekaise Summit huts for one night each. Reservations are strong recommended.
Should bring enough cash for several hut stays, hut campsites, and food to purchase.
We will purchase stove fuel in either Kiruna or Abisko.
We will likely hike at separate paces but wait for others at major trail junctions and other points of interest. This is not a race, this is an adventure.
There is a lot of information and videos on the internet so I strongly recommend you take advantage of this.

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