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We all understand the importance of making smart and well informed decisions regarding our personal finances – especially when we're young. From dealing with student loans and debt management, changing professions, wanting to purchase a home or get new experiences, or start a family, it is important that “the next move, be the best move.” But it can be challenging trying to figure out the best strategy and make sense of the conflicting information out there to set you and your family on the course from financial chaos to financial freedom. Because of this, people typically take a wait and see approach, or just ask a friend what worked for them. And the results are often disappointing.

The Phoenix Creating Wealth and Financial Freedom group is a forum for younger professionals to network and share information on strategies that worked best for them and how they achieved their financial goals. Likewise, it a place where we can share opinions on what did NOT work to help others save time and energy. We are a community of professionals committed to educating each other on personal finance tips and research so we can be equipped to make sound decisions regarding our money. The Phoenix Creating Wealth and Financial Freedom group was formed to create a place for people to meet and connect with like-minded Gen X and Gen Y professionals, and share individual experiences and stories of success or challenge that others can learn from.

Equally important, we want to bring the fun back in finance! We are a social group that will meet in locations where we can enjoy each others company and conversation, including restaurants and community spaces, in addition to hosting happy hours, outdoor outings, dinners, and other social gatherings to get to know each other. We will also host casual meetings and encourage members with strong knowledge of topics related to personal finances, paying off debt, savings and investments, insurances and dealing with retirement and benefits, highlights and information the group can benefit from. So, if you’ve run in to any good financial tips, or have questions about money – then please come out and share with them with us!

We look forward to networking and building relationships, and it is our goal to meet people with diverse skill sets, with diverse experiences and financial life questions and strategies. We invite people from all professional backgrounds, entrepreneurs, recent college graduates, small business owners, and anyone interested in sharing the strategies and best practices that worked for them, or anyone seeking to learn more about ways to better manage their finances. We all can benefit from learning and it never hurts to have a good time with good people, so please join our group.

We look forward to meeting you all!

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