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I recently received notification of starting of “Creative Minds Salon in Scottsdale.” As an Autistic/Aspie who’s gifted in analysis (date, historical, statistical, tactical, etc.), I thought it would be the perfect place for me to talk to others about my ideas. Unfortunately, the group is very limited in how many can RSVP, so it would appear to me that the vast majority of those who want to attend can’t. On top of that, Shea Blvd. is impossible for west valley public transportation users like me to attend on Sundays.

Those are 2 of the reasons that I’ve decided to start a meet up on this side of the valley for those of us who are problem solvers. The 3rd reason is that I’m a self-described “Blayterite.” This is an acknowledgement of the role that Bob Blayter, an Associate Pastor of a church I attend from the mid ‘80s-mid ‘90s, who had a great impact on the man that I’ve become. One of the things he did was leadership training. He taught us that 2 of the biggest jobs of a leader is to raise up other leaders.

There’re probably a thousand individuals that have great ideas, but the ideal venue for such individuals to bring their ideas to fruition is 1-2 dozen. That means we need a lot of groups, and the concept of “birthing new groups” that I’ve learned from churches that are proponents of small groups would be of great use in this endeavor. Just because I’m barrowing organizational ideas that I’ve learned from churches I’ve attended doesn’t mean that I’m going to be pushing Christianity down anyone’s throat. What it does mean is that among the problems that the group will be discussing will be helping those who want to start their own groups to do so.

As far as my own back ground, I’ve been leading a discussion group discussing issues pertaining to Autistics/Aspies and Autism/Asperger’s for a number of years.

Link to my Autism/Asperger’s meet up: https://www.meetup.com/Autism-Aspergers-Networking-Support/ Link to my Autism/Asperger’s website: https://aacphoenix.com/

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I’m looking into a couple of different meeting locations, 1 in the Metro Center area, the other at 19th Ave/Bell. Please give input as to which of those locations would be best for you, as well as time and day for a monthly meeting.