Driving innovation with gamification (+ special guests!)


Gamification is the use of gameful design patterns, technologies and experiences that help design teams to reimagine product and service design, stakeholders engagement and their approach to digital transformation.
Global research has now validated the effectiveness of gamification as a powerful tool to transform the way we think about and solve our business challenges. The key take-aways for this session are:

• Understanding the different types of gamification
• Overview of the design sprint approach for agile gamification development
• Learning about the elements that set up your project for success

Marigo will also run a playful interactive activity “Let’s Create A Tiny Game” using her unique design cards and methodology to get you prototyping a gamified process, product or service in under 20 minutes.


Dr Marigo Raftopoulos is a strategic business adviser specializing in innovation using games, gamification and experience design. She is the founder of Strategic Innovation Lab, and is also an adviser to the European Commission’s Advanced Digital Gaming and Gamification Program and several technology start-ups.

Marigo works with a wide range of global clients on accelerating innovation and business transformation using the tools of engagement that are fundamental to game design and gamification. Marigo holds a PhD in enterprise gamification and has widely published her research on gamification frameworks and methodologies.

Further information on Gamification Design Sprints at:

**We will also be joined by Katrin Elster from CREA Germany who will inspire us with stories from 2 amazing events she co-organizes, play4agile and play4innovation.