Supreme Light Supreme Love Meditation (SLSLM) + Satsang w/ Bhimiji


Experiencing Your Inherent Wisdom & Presence

The SLSLM is an open eye, energy transmission, meditation to help you more deeply connect to the Power of Grace ... your higher intelligence, life force, etc that truly empowers your life in more conscious awareness.

This transmission is a potent mystical energetic activation to experience the Grace of Oneness as an effortless living reality. It is powerful, gentle, heart-centered and is a reflection of your own radiant, eternal Presence.

The SLSLM is….

• A way to tap the wisdom and presence that naturally flows from your heart.
• A direct route to solidly creating your sizzling personal connection with your Divine.
• A mystical gateway and push into Awakening and Experiencing your inherent power.
• A vital energetic activation to more fully experience 'Living in Presence’ by creating a neuro-biological shift.
• A pathway to shift your perceptions to truly SEEING how the Mind interferes with experiencing life as it occurs.
• A powerful tool - opens a portal of awareness for allowing the Alchemy of Change to happen automatically.

Everyone can benefit no matter your cultural background or spiritual path.

Initiated through her Spiritual Masters, Bhimiji offers this as a deeper ignition of accelerating one’s Mindfulness and Heart Intelligence attunement.

Free event. Love offering accepted.