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A group to discuss bible prophecy, end of times and preparedness.

Bible study as it relates to the end times with a realistic view of where we are now. How can we stay vigilant, informed and prepared? What shall we do to create a support system? To make new friends for the spiritual, emotional, and physical challenges that we are now facing, and which are escalating?

We can discuss, in a friendly and respectful fashion, the different views on when the rapture will occur (PreTrib, PreWrath, PostTrib, and others). But I want the core focus to be seeking understanding of what we can do in these times to keep our heads, hearts, and souls moving in the right direction. Is memorizing Scripture the key? Physical and financial preparedness? Repentance and a clean heart? We do for sure, in my view, need to learn Scripture to help us remain steadfast as we literally watch the end of the age approach.

This group will no doubt end up discussing politics as it is so intertwined, but my feeling is that regardless of who is elected president in 2016, the outcome will eventually be the same. (With that said, I am not real open to liberal beliefs as I find them very non-biblical in general, to put it mildly.)

I look forward to some of your insights and remember this is not about doom and gloom but about staying vigilant and keeping our EYES WIDE OPEN!

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