What we're about

This training group is for dog parents who would love to have a better relationship with their dogs, have a good time, and help their dog reach their fullest potential.

We welcome all dogs, including "bully" breeds and large dogs, because we know hard it is to find a meetup that is willing to take them. This a safe, loving environment where you can explore a new philosophy of holistic dog parenting.

We offer low cost dog training workshops, free events, hikes and play groups which are supervised by an internationally renowned holistic master trainer and behaviorist, natural care and nutrition classes, and so much more!

What i do:
I practice emotional and relationship based training, which is called Holistic Dog Training. I help create trusting, balanced relationships that foster human leadership and lasting canine success. I approach dog behavior from a systemic perspective. We look at the whole system and environment to understand triggers and create success that lasts. I coach the handler to understand the natural needs and responses of his or her dog. I will point out characteristics specific to each breed or breed-mix and work with their natural skills and tendencies. Dog owners learn to correct behaviors and reinforce the good ones with clear communication, love, empathy and trust. My methods work quickly and effectively. Most clients see results after one session. I work with all dog types, but my passion is with "bully" breeds, like English Bulldogs, English Mastiffs, Pitbulls, Cane Corsos, and Great Danes. Watch video (https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/romans-k9-training-phoenix?select_biz_video=4lTy1zOV-9vmVy9bZCk3uQ)

Why I do what i do:
I enjoy seeing the new bonds and strong relationships that are built through Holistic Dog Training. I also enjoy the rewarding lick I get when I'm done with the dog's rehabilitation and when they finally feel safe, know their job, and feel bonded in their balanced home. It's the look of their owners seeing an "all new" dog, one they can truly welcome into the family. I am often called in for cases that others can't handle. I am honored to be part of the path of healing for these dogs and their owners. Everyone benefits. As a Certified Reiki Master and intuitive healing therapist, I can sense the energy shift within the family system. I wish more people would accept the fact that dogs are here to support our emotional and spiritual path and are not here to "serve" the master....

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