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Joined the Meetup to see what the poker action was for friendly neighborhood games. We have had a local men's game going for over 14 years and are starting to see some of our normal players dropping off the landscape through (life changes, interest, death, etc.).

So with that being said we would like you to consider joining us for our next game.

We play every 2 weeks on average. Horse cash games mostly (no wilds card games) and some hold-em tourneys if the enough players (7 or more decided at game time).

Most of the games are played on Thursday night and are held at 1 of 3 homes (1.) Northern and 14th ave (Most games) (2.) Rose and 11th Ave (3.) 18th St and Morton

It's a $50 buy in with $10 of that going for Food and Drinks ( Dinner, beer, wine, liquor, tea, etc.).

On cash games Chip Buy-in min is $40 but you can get in for more if you like to start with more chips.
Re-buys (min $10) are allowed all night when out of chips.

Holdem Tourney same - no rebuys

We show up after 6:00 as we try and eat by 6:30 so game can start at 7:00 and runs until last 3 players then its over.

Players are all friends with new guys invited and joining over time. Lots of laughs and an eclectic group of guys from all walks of life. Some small talk on politics but mostly in the form of joking as we have players from both sides of the table who know how sensitive real loud politics are. A couple of good players who will make you watch your chip count. No one gets upset over bad beats.

My email is scott@morepro.com so if interested lets talk.

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