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Presentation on CRUDify -- how to create a RESTful api With MongoDB and NodeJS

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Lets post our most challenging MongoDB questions to the group.

Is there a query that does not work, an aggregate that doesn't . an update that kills through put. etc.

UG's in my opinion are your tech support group, that giving back to the community. That lets not piss of Karma thing. Its that gee-wiz moment where after your see a demo or hear someone else say it you go duh !

Use meetup to post your questions over the next month. I will try to aggregate them and find solutions. Some times whats required is just a different approach.. From the last meeting I 'd the average IQ in the room was at least 140 If we can't figure it out who will :) and the most important part is experience the group has a ton of it. I've always found if one person is suffering an issue usually so are a lot of others.