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    NES was my first system, and I'm mainly a console and Nintendo gamer (with a little PS and PC)
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    I've lived in AZ almost my entire life, but I've also lived in Virginia intermittently. I'm up for pretty much anything, but most of the time I'll be gaming, playing metal, or drinking.
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    I grew up playing on the Nintendo 64 Pokemon stadium and super smash Bors. I didn't really expand from that until high school when I was introduced to the PlayStation. So many amazing games!!! I have recently started paling board games as well!!!
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    Glad I found a multiplayer game focused meetup group! I'm a veteran Marine, but I'm usually shy and soft spoken - well at least until the game starts lol. Who's down for some Smash Bros?
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    Long time gamer. Intellectual type. Star Wars... Star Trek ... Software Engineer... Blah. Blah. Blah... you have heard it all before. Same as every other nerd type. Also a single father of a young child, but I can make time for stuff like this.
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    I grew up playing video games back in the NES days. Played my fair share of Halo LAN parties, Counter-Strike LAN, and of course Goldeneye/Perfect Dark and Mario Kart. I worked at THQ for awhile before it closed down. I miss the good old days :)