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Want to go Vortex Jumping?
We’ll be tapping into fields of energy to vibrationally align with what we want in our lives. It’s fun, easy ... and powerful! Kind of like Alice going into the rabbit hole. And, we use our intention and intuition to find the most beneficial hole to jump into. Abundance? Wellness? Happiness? Humor? Magic? Feeling whole? Communicating with or helping your pet to heal? Playing with your imagination is a very helpful way to enrich your life. $20 suggested donation ... or whatever feels good to you. Then we’ll explore the vortex in meditation using the power of the gong to deepen and strengthen your experience. Then watch what happens in the next few days! As you allow yourself to flow with life, your life begins to harmonize. Welcome to a gentle and transforming sound healing experience. At each event, we’ll offer an exciting new, expanding and different meditation. For this event, we'll open to lots of healing vibrations to open your intuition and energy body so you will naturally release energies that aren’t helpful ... and usher in energies that assist you to heal, be happy, and gain clarity about what to do next to create your life the way you want them to be. The meditation is fun and easy. For first time or long time meditators! A powerful and magical gong is tuned to frequencies that assist us to play in the space where intuition, spirit, heart, answers and solutions live. We’ll find out how to easily connect to this space anytime and anywhere to assist ourselves live happy, healthy, meaningful lives. Please join us for a fun experiential evening! Meet some great people!

Home of Sulana Stone

2021 E. Tierra Buena, #10 · Phoenix, AZ

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If you're an animal lover ... and want to help any animal feel better, this group is for you. This meetup is for people who would like to make a difference in animal behavior and health. Together, during meditation, we'll explore just how powerful energy healing is and what a difference it can make in the lives of our own pets, rescue & foster animals, and animals who are in other locations and are with other people. We'll also find out how we can communicate long distance and be very effective. You don't have to know anything about energy healing. It's fun and easy. Anyone can do it! We'll also explore animal communication through meditation. You'll be able to connect with animals living or with those who have passed. Just come ... and the magic will happen. You'll see the difference in your pets!

A gong and other sound-healing instruments are used to create a space of healing and transformation.

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