The Screenwriter As The First Producer

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So you've got this great concept for a story and you think it'll be a huge hit. You've checked IMDB, scoured the internet to see if anyone else had come up with something similar...even gone as far as to start pitching your friends and family the idea to see how they might react.

Now you are ready to pour your heart and soul into this painstaking process. Ready to spend months...possibly years working, honing, rewriting...and yes reworking your story in the hopes it will one day see the light of day.


Before you do...ask yourself one question...would I (the writer) as a disinterested producer want to buy my story?

This might seem elementary but is often missed in a writer's enthusiasm to start a new project and is something that could save heartache and years of your time.

Join us Saturday November 2nd at SCC as Joe Gruberman, award winning writer/producer and fellow member of PSA discusses the most basic elements YOU as the screenwriter and first producer of your film should be asking yourself even before putting ink to paper. In this course Joe will examine basic questions you should be asking along with other basic tools you need to start down the road of scriptwriting today.

In The course Joe will discuss:
• focusing on your goals
• emotional barriers to success
• understanding the business of film
• marketing opportunities
• writing for the market
• finding someone to make your movie
• investing in your screenplay

and much more...

This is much more than a screenwriting course...this is a course on turning your script into a film and how to really think like a producer (whether you want to just sell your script OR actually make it into a film). Join us November 9th and take that dream and turn it into reality.

About Joe Gruberman
2019 Phoenix Film Festival Filmmaker of the Year, Joe Gruberman, is an award-winning writer/producer whose projects have included six independent feature films and three television programs, as well as many shorts and commercial ads. He is the seminar director of the Phoenix Film Festival and a former adjunct professor of film production at Collins College. His two latest feature films, RAISING BUCHANAN and ELEVEN ELEVEN, both screened at the 2019 Phoenix Film Festival.