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Phoenix Tree Lifeways can be found in the Santa Cruz Mountains area and is currently looking for a suitable hosting venue. If you've got any leads, questions or contributions to offer, please leave a message. Thank you.

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Practicing bringing your inner life into the outer world from within the heart of the communal still point.

Researching, exploring, and practicing creatively living in the raucous world from within our still, rooted depths. Bringing the fruits of a wide variety of perspectives to bear on the process of living a sustainably creative life. Fruits of the heart, the mind, the body and the soul, of established wisdom traditions, contemporary sciences, philosophy, spirituality, and the arts. Each of us then returning to our respective roots to practice the art of deliberately, consciously making our own unique way along the unknown path...together. A tribe of seedlings lightly held in the web of life always becoming.

In the crucible of such a mindful creative process, new insight, perspective, meaning and wisdom may be forged, and coherent and catalytic works of art (aka life) may arise from even widely disparate elements. Practicing these skills within the framework of playful open-modality group practice could cultivate cross-pollination, confidence, community and creative consciousness in daily life.

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