San Francisco Underwater Rugby Club, California Cup!, April 2019

This is a past event

4 people went

Needs a location


Save the date and sign up if interested in participating in a beginner friendly underwater rugby potluck tournament.

Crash space may be available on first request.

Facebook event:¬if_id=1546953558195686

Just announced. It's a beginner tournament. Last year it was a one-day tournament potluck and they try to make equal teams based on skill levels. I don't know what they have planned this year yet but as you can see it's a two-day tournament so probably more worth the time of getting out there. Please tell your team.

Also, if you could also mention our pages on Instagram...@sduwrc @sduwhc. I'm pretty active on the rugby page, posting at least every week mostly GoPro videos of our actual play but I also posted some on the hockey page because I got a mask that has a GoPro attachment.