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This group is for people who enjoy exploring the great state of Arizona. You must own a SxS (side by side), ATV or motorcycle to become a member. We don't recommend the Mahindra Roxor because it's too slow to keep up with side by sides, ATVs and motorcycles. If you have one of those, there are other 4x4 Jeep-type groups that would probably be happy to have you.

This meetup is for active riders that love to ride. A typical ride lasts about 4 hours. There are usually 4-10 vehicles on each ride. We usually ride trails that can be reached in 2.5 hours or less from the city.

NOTE: I have been deleting members who have been inactive for over a year. If you got purged and want to re-join, please feel free to do so.


Last Update: July 25, 2020

These are some guidelines to ensure that everybody has a positive experience during our rides. Our goal is to ensure that everybody has a good time and never leave anyone behind.

1. Ride your own ride. That means ride at your own pace. Do not try to keep up with the people in front of you.

2. It's best to arrange yourselves in order of fastest to slowest. Some people like to go fast (like me). Others perfer to tool along at a slower pace. That's fine. If the person behind you wants to go around you, let them. The best part of this practice is that the person ahead of you pulls away from you faster, reducing the amount of dust you have to deal with.

3. Whatever your position in line, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PERSON BEHIND YOU. That means whenever there is a turn, or the trail direction is not obvious (say, a Y in the road), stop and wait until the person behind you is aware of the way to go. This starts with the ride leader all the way to the last person. Tip: Wave at the guy waiting for you, so he can go sooner and therefore not roost anybody. :)

4. Let's say you've stopped to wait for somebody. If, after several minutes they haven't appeared, and you KNOW they aren't "that" slow, turn back and look for them. Don't leave the trail you were on; that will make it harder to find you. But this will trickle up to the front of the pack -- the person ahead of YOU will notice you missing and will eventually turn back to find you, and so on. That way, if somebody breaks down, runs out of gas, or heaven forbid has an accident, they don't get dropped.

5. If the group as a whole is moving too fast for you, speak up at one of the breaks. If you want more breaks, also speak up. This isn't a race; the goal here is for everybody to have fun. I personally like taking breaks to relax, have a snack, and take in the scenery.

6. If you are a serial killer, you are NOT ALLOWED to kill anybody in our group. People not in our group? Well, those people are fair game. But not us, okay? And don't make us accessories. It's best if we don't know about your shennanigans. :-p

7. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for maintaining your equipment. That includes tires, belts, and so on. I mention this because we were on a ride earlier this year where a machine had very old, worn-out tires with over 5000 miles on them and multiple plugs all over them. And they got a flat during the ride. Those tires should have been replaced years ago.

8. These rides may (and more than likely will) include trails that will challenge your comfort zone. You become a better rider by getting out of your comfort zone from time to time, but still knowing your limits. If you are concerned about a section of trail, speak up. Nobody will think less of you. We will either help you through it, or we'll find a way around it.

9. Carry necessary equipment!!! I've met too many people in the twenty years I've been riding who just hop on a machine and go ride and don't worry about anything else. Or they think because they're in a group, they'll be fine because others will take care of them. While I do believe in never leaving anybody behind, I expect everyone to have enough sense and personal responsibility to carry some necessities:

- Have at LEAST one tow strap (the kind WITHOUT those stupid hooks) and a couple of shackles to connect them. Personally, I carry two tow straps, a tree saver strap, two snatch blocks, two shackles, and another hundred feet of winch extension line. And I still want to add at least one kinetic recovery rope (such as a Yankum brand rope) and a couple of soft shackles. I think I'll add another tree strap too.

- An extra layer of clothes, or maybe even a change of clothes in case you get wet or cold or whatever. That includes a light jacket.

- SUNSCREEN. This is Arizona, aka Tatooine. SPF1000000 preferred. :-p

- Gloves, eye protection (sunglasses, goggles, helmet visor), a HELMET or a hat. Helmets aren't required by law in Arizona, but I strongly encourage them.

- A winch is a great idea, even if you think you'll never need it. Like the saying goes, "you don't need it til you need it."

- Misc tools. Know what specific socket or torx or Allen-type bolts your machine uses and carry those tools. Be able to do a belt change in the field. Or at the very least, carry a spare and the tools to get to it; odds are one of us can help should the need arise. If you have to get towed out, you will likely owe the person towing you a new belt as well because towing another machine puts a lot of strain on its belt.

- Air compressor and a tire plug kit. For obvious reasons.

- Water (duh), misc (legal) drugs like Advil or Tylenol.

10. I personally have no problem with somebody carrying a firearm on these rides. Please just be respectful and don't make a big deal out of it. Arizona is a Constitutional Carry state so you can carry open or concealed and either method is legal. Just please don't freak out people with it.

11. Please be considerate of other riders. By other riders, I mean those not in our group. I include his because many times I've been riding alone (yes, I do that often, don't judge me) and come upon a group of other machines and nobody wants to let me by. Like I said earlier, if somebody wants by, whether in our group or not, LET THEM BY. They will work their way through and continue on their way. Otherwise, who knows, maybe they'll be somebody like in #6. :)

12. ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL during the ride. You wouldn't do it (I hope) while driving on the street, so please don't do it during our rides. Wanna crack one open when we're done? That's up to you. Just be sure you're okay to drive home. The exception to this rule is if we include a restaurant as part of the ride, such as the bar in Crown King. Just please be responsible and don't overdo it.

13. Lastly, myself, this group, its admins and Meetup are NOT RESPONSIBLE if you are injured (or worse). Personal Responsibility, remember? Naturally, we will help if something happens, but don't go blaming us for it.

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