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I am looking for people who enjoy exploring the great state of Arizona. We will do this by trail riding in our off-road vehicles. You must own a UTV, ATV or motorcycle to become a member.

This meetup is for active riders that love to ride. A typical ride lasts about 4 hours. There are usually 4-10 vehicles on each ride. We usually ride trails that can be reached in 2.5 hours or less from the city.

This season I will be implementing a monthly ride with a small fee to help pay for the biannual dues. It is simple if you want to go on the rides with a fee I will charge $5 per member. Don't worry though I will not charge any member more than twice in season. It seems fair to me. If you ride a lot and want to help it will only cost you $10 per season. If you don't like the fee, simply don't sign up for the paid rides.

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Sunflower mine / Mount Peeley Trailhead

Needs a location

[masked], [masked] This is the meet up location. Please cut and paste into Google maps. Last time some of the peps stated that this was a hard ride and some did not finish. I was not there and missed out on the fun. I have run this trail a few times in jeeps and dirtbikes in years past but each year things change. Please come out and run this trail backwards as describe below. It's about half way to Payson, about 36 miles from Fountain Hills. As you're going north on AZ 87 around mile post 222 look for a sign that points left to Sycamore CK and right to MT Ord. Take the left to Sycamore CK. The picture above is of the mill that we will see. Unfortunately it burnt down in a wild fire a few years ago and not much is left. Park and unload toys at the intersection fr 201 and fr 25.- Follow fr 201 for a few miles until you get to Fr 201a. Should be a left off 201 go down to bottom of Mtn. there is some old mine stuff there to explore. Go back the way you came in 201a to 201. left to go to Peeley trail head. The trail head is a good spot to eat and hang out. (might have snow) Back the way you came in on 201, to the other side of 201a (201a) is a loop follow 201a to 3722. The Junction for 201a and 3722 is not marked all that well. go right at junction for 3722 and 25a. 3722 is a steep hill going down to a wash (25a). Sharp left into the wash (25a). look for Fr 3720 after a few miles in the wash it will be right at a Y. (it's a short road to the mine) back out the way you came in on 3720 to w 25a. Follow 25a to 25 and 25 will take you back to the parking area.

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Morristown desert camping day ride

Mile Marker 3.5 HWY 74

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