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Inmersión lingüística #14 @ the Pink Spot

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Let's get together and take turn reading, translating, and (mostly importantly) discussing articles in Spanish as usual. Let's change the topic a bit. Let's take break from love and relationship issues from Dear abby (Querida Abby/Anna"). Let's take about the current issues. Let's talk about healthcare reform and how it will affect all of us in Spanish. Please take your knowledge and share with us in Spanish.

Articles / Video:

1. Transcripción de la entrevista: Cinco beneficios de la nueva ley de salud ( (the information is old since 2010 but it's a good practice with audio transcription on the site).

2. Audio transciption ( from the Website

3. Cómo lo beneficia la Ley de Cuidado de Salud (

4. Cinco beneficios disponibles bajo la nueva Ley de Salud (

5. Vocabs /questions for discussion (

Note: All levels are welcome, but please remember no teachers will be present. The event host is only an intermediate speaker but usually there is a mix of people from different levels. Sorry, I am certainly not the expert on the topic but I just would like to find the topic that we all care about. I think that this may be the one. Please suggest the topics/reading materials for next time.


Vamos a leer, traducir, y principalmente "discutir" los artículos en español. ¡Vamos a reunirnos y practicar español juntos como siempre!