What we're about

Calling all women who are committed to Overcoming their People Pleasing Tendencies, for good.

The purpose of this meet up is to educate, uplift, and empower and just have a great group of women to support each other on their journey.

Great Side Effects of This Group:

Be a Confident Decision Maker

Relief from Unnecessary Pain and Suffering

Set Boundaries that you Feel Good About

Affirmatively speak your Truth in every Circumstance

Eliminate Anxiety

Get comfortable with Managing Conflict

Stop Doubting Yourself and Your Desires

Know yourself on an Intimate Level

Deeply Strengthen your All Relationships in your Life (Career, Romantic, Family, Spiritual, Friendships, etc.)

Masterfully Connect to Your Intuitive Voice

Trust in Yourself Completely

Cultivate a Strong Sense of Self-Respect

Release your Outward need for Approval and Acceptance

Make Self-Compassion a Priority

Blossom into an Authentic Woman who Takes Great Care of Herself

Release Non-Serving Self-Judgements

Shed Light on Conditioned Patterns and Replace them with Healthy, Loving Actions

Own and Master your Self-Integrity

Live a Satisfying Life on Your Terms

Let go of tiptoeing around in your life.

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