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MONITORED group!!! As we did over a year ago, Phoenix Naturists & Nudists has gone through another 'cleansing'; because of this, the security policies have been updated to include things that were not included before(and reasons for the 'cleanse'). There were individuals that were not abiding by the rules of the this group, "PNN(m)"[Phoenix Naturists & Nudists(Monitored)].

If you're not interested in following the rules of 'this' group; then please thing about joining the 'other' group instead "PNN(ayor)"[Phoenix Naturists & Nudists(AtYourOwnRISKERs)], as that may be a better fit for you this 'new' group will NOT be monitored - Enter, via this link, 'At Your Own Risk' (https://www.meetup.com/Phoenix_Naturists_Nudists_At-Your-Own-RISKERs/)

Phoenix Naturists & Nudists(Monitored)(a.k.a. "PNN(m)" purpose is to help naturists, and other like-minded individuals, in the Phoenix, AZ area get to know other clothing-averse individuals. There will be gatherings of all kinds(pre approved by an admin) all around the area, being held at all different types of places [member(s) homes, participating restaurant(s), private property(s), resort(s), or city & federal park(s), where public nudity is not closely monitored BY THE POLICE AUTHORITIES].

In order to join this group:

A: Profile picture is a must; only being a full-face picture of you(no one else included in the photo). One like you would use for a passport(up close). 'After' you have joined, you may change your picture.

B: "Couples" may indeed join; but must join under separate accounts "His-Account" & Her-Account" totally for metrics purposes - keeping the group evenly balanced for Men & Woman. When you join, simply message me the names of both individuals included in the 'couple' and we'll proceed accordingly(still have to pass 'review').

C: This is a Volunteer-Based group; which means that we do NOT have an "Entertainment Director" of any kind, scheduling any kind of events. Members of this group must STEP UP ( aka Volunteer) and create/host events of their own that they want to share with the other members of this group. "IF" you want to pay a higher "Monthly Membership Fee" in order to have an "Entertainment Director" hired to carry-out those duties, please let me know; and we'll see what we can do.

*** PLEASE READ ENTIRELY *** Just so we are all on the same page, some items-to-remember are being created to give our group more clear 'rules,' 'understanding,' or 'structure' on or about what certain terms mean and what members or our group ought not do without fear of being dismembered[ yes, pun was intended] !! As naturists, at least the ones I know, try to go by the rule-of-thumb, No "TAN LINES!" ...and we are going to do the same. :-D

Here are some 'terms' to know:

• "Group" or "MeetUp" is a body of individuals, like "PNN(m)," formed into an entity, of like-minded members, sharing common goals, beliefs, and structure( i.e. membership 'rules' ).

• "Event" is a one-time gathering of PNN(m) Members(and guests).

• "Meeting" is a recurring "Event" [ gathering of PNN(m) Members(and guests) ] that regularly gathers, for the same reasons. PNN(m)'s policy will hence forth be, that "Meetings" need to recur on at least a monthly basis - else it should be an "Event".

• "PERV(s)" is a 'perverted' individual that is only joining the group as/in an effort to either: {Outbound-based} A.) ['Look-E-Lou']'see,' and then 'harvest'(copy, save, snapshot, etc.) pictures of other nude individuals, to take away(outbound) for their purposes, or... B.) Use this as a 'dating' and/or 'hookup' venue, in order to find someone and then take their information home(outbound) - ("Hook-Up" is an ambiguous word to describe almost any sexual action). This is NOT a dating site! {Inbound-based} A.) [Exhibitionist] posting comments or pictures in order to propagate others to 'see'/'read' their pictures and/or comments, having a sexual intent( close-up genitalia pics, erotically sexual stories or comments, etc.) This is NOT that kind of site! PNN(m)'s policy will hence forth be, that "PERV(s)" can/will be immediately 'blocked'(removed) from the group upon earliest recognition of their nature[ one of a perverted nature].

"TAN LINES": The Au Natural Liable Injustices Naturists Extensively Suppress { PNN(m)'s policy will hence forth be, Penalties for not following these rules 'can' be anything, all the way up to and including membership termination and 'blocking' or 'banning' of future membership(s) with 'other' future accounts - the reason that your facial picture is needed upon joining. And the process will be to save said picture to an album within our group as a historical reference in case abusers try to rejoin in future under different name. This list below is intended to describe and make everyone, even non-members, aware of any security and/or structural restrictions upon members; but is not intended to be an exhaustive list - as some things should quite simply be 'common sense'.

01. I understand that nobody wants to pay for 'nothing'; BUT you're not getting 'nothing', as you are getting the 'network'. This is a networking group that is only billing you a low-cost Membership Due(s) in order to maintain said 'network'(not for the events themselves). Once you are a member, you need to be comfortable with the fact that it is a volunteer-based group and that we do not have a fulltime "Entertainment Director". If you're actually looking for a nudist group that has an "Entertainment Director" in place, please email me.

02. Be patient, as all this restructuring takes some time...

03. Male vs. Female Population balance(50%/50%) will be attempted. PNN(m)'s policy will hence forth be, will be to try to have not only the overall group be more 'balanced'; but also each of the events and/or meetings. This will take a bit of time to work out; but will now always be an administrative effort. So, *** PERVS NEED NOT APPLY *** Meaning, If are unable to control yourself other naked individuals, of either sex, gorgeous women, this isn't the place for you!

04. All members may post what ever they like; selfies, videos, anything. PNN(m)'s policy will hence forth be, will be that: A.) you are posting at your own risk; AND depending upon what you post, both your post and your membership will be validated against the "PERV(s)" standard. B.) Post/Membership can/will be immediately 'blocked'(removed) from the group upon earliest recognition of their nature[ one of a perverted nature ].

05. All members may message anyone in the group, what ever they like; selfies, videos, anything. PNN(m)'s policy will hence forth be, will be that: A.) you are messaging at your own risk; AND depending upon what you send, both your message and your membership will be validated against the "PERV(s)" standard. B.) Message/Membership can/will be immediately 'blocked'(removed) from the group upon earliest recognition of their nature[ one of a perverted nature ]. C.) It may also be deemed that instead of Member termination, that a "Restraining Order" be put in place(for rare accidental conditions); which will be a 'MeetUp-Website-Based(only)' restriction on any/all future 'electronic' communications. NOTE: 'If' we even begin to consider the 'in-person'/'spoken' communications, the membership of the 'poster' will be terminated, and we are no longer liable or able to administrate any further restrictions between sender & receiver, as we are not equipped with the correct abilities to handle 'physical' interactions. All info will be saved/kept in case we need to report anything to the Police. If you want, you can even put a "Restraining Order" 'in place' yourself; but it must ONLY be done by way of the following directions: Should someone message you material that you do not want; copy & paste said material into a 'Group Message' and include yourself, the poster, and all group leadership stating: "I am invoking a 'Restraining Order' against _______, as they send me this inappropriate material (attached); and though I am aware that neither this group's leadership nor the 'MeetUp.com' website's leadership can not and will not be liable or able to administrate any further restrictions between sender & receiver, as neither are properly equipped with to correctly handle 'physical' interactions, I still want to receive no more 'MeetUp-based(only)' electronic communications from _____ at any time in the future. Sign(typed) & Date/Time(typed)"

A record of the communication has now been made with leadership. We can then validate against any further('new') communications from ____ to , to use for 'corrective action' purposes. NOTE: A simply replying with an apology will not be considered action for any moves on 'corrective action'. NOTE: If the re-starts any kind of 'direct' communications with the , "Restraining Order" will be considered voided at that communications date/time; and this process all starts over. PNN(m) has final say in all 'MeetUp-Based' issues.

06. If you're a member of this group, and you see something you don't like, PNN(m)'s policy will hence forth be, will be that: A.) Report it to the Organizers. B.) Include in your 'report,' information about the posting(so we can find it); and the reason that you feel it should not have been posted to begin with. C.) Upon receiving it, Leadership may have questions for you; so stay tuned. D.) If deemed inappropriate, Leadership with both 1.) remove the posting, and 2.) discuss 'corrective action' with the 'poster' - which 'can' be membership termination. E.) if not deemed inappropriate, then you can ask questions; and ultimately have the ability to simply leave the group[ hopefully both a 'very' rare case ].

07. No blocking admins.

08. No promoting other groups and or social media, without Organizer's approval, for each instance.

09. Again, this is not a Hook-Up group!

10. If you are looking for a non-MONITORED, more riske' version of this group, then go there (https://www.meetup.com/Phoenix_Naturists_Nudists_At-Your-Own-RISKERs/) ...

** PNN(m)'s policy hence forth will be that 'updates(modifications)' can be made by administrators at any time in order to uphold the group's structure and security; but must be labeled with admin initials and modification date, like this example; which is also an actual 'label' for this specific notation

*** NOTICE: Since Arizona's state law prohibits "Indecent Exposure," [ their term(s) NOT mine ], should you decide to attend any events, while not wearing any clothes, you will be doing so at your own risk. [ State of AZ, 20010203 ]***

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