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For well over fifteen years I have dreamed of creating a top quality photography program in Northern California and this is the first “baby step” in that process. PhotoArts Marin will serve as the resource. to connect qualified photography teachers and students. As many photographers saw their business decline, they decided to teach to help pay the bills. Being a good photographer doesn't suggest that that person is a good teacher. A passable photographer who is personable and friendly doesn't mean that that they know enough about the craft and or art to teach it. Over the past two years, I have talked with far too many frustrated students who have been “taught” or found misinformation on the web that is working against / preventing their success. PhotoArts Marin will only offer a quality educational experience from a friendly, supportive, experienced, qualified educator.

It is my goal to have a wide range of offerings from a wide range of photographers, artists and teachers. This MeetUp group will help begin to make those connections. Teachers will be screened and their classes or workshops reviewed before they are posted. The reviews which students will post re: the classes and workshops will help prospective students make informed choices. These classes will include Craft, Art, iPhonography, Photoshop, Lightroom, Presentation, Landscape or whatever the teacher can present in a professional and worthwhile format.

This is PhotoArts Marin's commitment to you:

From the most basic to the most advanced classes or field workshops, students will be led by someone who is fully qualified to provide a relevant high-quality educational experience. You will be taught how to create not just imitate.

However, if a person takes anything beyond a basic class or goes on a field workshop trip, it is their personal responsibility to understand how to use their camera and its manual setting. Participants should not depend on the teacher to cover those basic issues because it is not fair to the teacher or the other attendees to depend on them to do that. Of course you can take an hour to get an image using exposure compensation etc. Or the Auto machine gun approach and take 20,000 photos in a week and then spend months praying to find a good one. Personally I would rather go in for a twenty-four hour long root canal. This experience will only be successful if you know your camera and an understanding of the basics of good photography.

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