• Milky Way at Labrador Hollow Unique Area

    Labrador Hollow Unique Area

    Michael Slaunwhite will lead this photoshoot. He's done his homework and determined that this date and time should be great for photographing the Milky Way . . . of course, depending on what Mother Nature does with the cloud cover. But, as we always say, you can't get the photo if you're not there. This will be an opportunity to learn about focusing at night, foreground lighting (light painting), and what's the best shutter speed for star photography.

  • Taughannock Falls

    Taughannock Falls

    Enjoy photographing everything from the textures of the colorful rock face of the falls to the misty, crystalline, icy falls itself.

  • Tinker Fall

    Tinker Falls

    Tinker Falls always provides interesting photo challenges, none better than mid-winter. Photograph above and below the falls, the rocks and the stream below.

  • Monthly meeting/image review

    Baltimore Woods Nature Center

    How’s your photography going so far in 2020? Let’s enjoy an evening reviewing each other’s recent photos (not necessarily just from 2020). Our approach will be: What do we like about the image and what might be considered next time we’re framing a similar composition?

  • Sterling Nature Cente

    Sterling Nature Center

    Photographing the night skies with dramatic ice and/or water as a foreground. Opportunity to practice light painting as well as long exposures.

  • f-8 Class: Night Photography

    Baltimore Woods Nature Center

  • January members meetint

    Baltimore Woods Nature Center

    Since we have canceled the class that was originally scheduled for this date, let's make the most out of a date that's still on our calendars. Tuesday night we will try to do a couple of things. We'll begin with an image review session. Bring a half-dozen of our favorite images, ideally but not necessarily photos take since Christmas. Following the image review session, we'll have some time to discuss some ideas we are looking at for future photoshoots.

  • Holiday Party/Image Review

    Baltimore Woods Nature Center

    Our regularly scheduled evening for the December class is coming up, so in light of the holiday season, I'd like to invite everyone to a party along with an image review session. WHEN: Dec.17 TIME: 7-9 pm WHAT: Holiday Party (Everyone brings a party snack) Tom provides the beverages A Second WHAT: Image Review: bring a few winter images on a flash drive for review.

  • Getting Ready for Winter Photography

    Baltimore Woods Nature Center

    Winter’s coming, as sure as summer’s gone. For some people, this means it’s time to hunker down, but, for photographers, nature photographers, in particular, the winter season can be a period of excitement as Mother Nature changes the landscape, often dramatically, on an almost daily basis. So, it’s time to “Get Ready for Winter Photography,” and that’s the subject for this annual day-long workshop that covers everything from your cold fingertips and toes to preserving battery power, to tabletop close-up and macro photography. (more information) https://www.tomdwyerphotography.com/tour-workshop-schedule/lets-get-ready-for-winter-photography/) QUESTIONS? email me: [masked]