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After Dark - Long Exposure

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After Dark - Long Exposure

Challenge: Long Exposure Time, Lowest ISO Possible, Camera on Tripod.

Bonus points for camera in manual mode.

More bonus points for camera in bulb mode.

We have had a couple of After Dark meetups using high ISO and lenses wide open. This time your challenge is to shoot at your camera's lowest ISO setting mounted on a tripod and utilizing a long shutter speed. You may want to bring your remote trigger.

We will meet at Austin Java at 6:45 PM. Parking is available at the Austin City Hall parking garage for a nominal fee. From there we will wander around the downtown area leaving Austin Java around 7:00 PM. We can stick together as a group or you can head off on your own. You can shoot city scenes or cross the First Street bridge to Auditorium Shores for some skyline shots or park scenes. If you are shooting a crowded city street scene try to make the people on the street disappear in your photo! We will rendezvous around 9 PM for some socializing.

Make sure you know how to set your camera's ISO and shutter speed before you come to the meetup. This will be very important for this challenge.

We will discuss a neat little trick on how to determine the proper shutter speed for long exposure before we head out. This trick will let you calculate shutter speed for times over 30 seconds in which case you will be in bulb mode. I'll stick around a bit to answer questions at the beginning of the meetup.

Weather permitting. If it's raining or 30 something degrees I'll probably reschedule for another Saturday night.