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Full Moon Shoot on the Lake - Alternate Location

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ALTERNATE LOCATION: Since Lou Neff Point is a very small area we had to limit attendance there. This is an alternate location for the same full moon shoot. For those interested you can meetup at the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge. There will not be an attendance limit at this location.

HELP! Would someone like to be the event host at the bridge? I'll be down at Lou Neff Point that evening.


Below is the information copied from the original full moon meetup


Join us to photograph the full moon rising over the Austin skyline from the Lou Neff Point in Zilker Park (30.2671N, 97.7617W) while still in the "blue hour." We will meet at Lou Neff Point at 7:30pm in time to setup and shoot the sunset at 8:05pm. The moon will rise between the Frost Bank tower and the Austonian at 8:25pm and will be on top of the Austonian at 9:12pm.

Why this Location

The farther the subject is from your camera, the bigger the moon appears relative to the subject. The spot is over 5,000 ft from the skyline. It offers versatility where you can shoot using different focal lengths from wide to super tele as well as include water reflections. Also because of the distance, we will be beyond the hyperfocal distance of most of your camera gear and can get away with acceptable sharpness shooting at infinity even with longer focal lengths (for example, hyperfocal distance of a 400mm f/5.6 mounted on a full frame camera is approximately 3,234 ft) - meaning, focus on the moon and everything else is sharp!.

If you have a telephoto, the moon will be directly on top of the Austonian around 9:12pm and will be able to shoot a photo of the moon and just above top of the Austonian tower.

Telemetry and other Numbers

The Frost Bank Tower is 4.96 degrees tall (515 ft at 5938 ft distance), and the Austonian is 7.08 degrees tall (6.83 ft at 5413 ft distance).

At 9:12pm, the moon will be directly on top of the Austonian at 9 degrees. The angular diameter of the moon is 0.5 degrees.

Sunset, Twilight, Moonrise, etc Times

• Sunset is at 8:05pm

• Moonrise is at 8:25pm, 93.5 degrees (compass)

• Civil Twilight ends at 8:30pm

• Nautical Twilight ends at 9:00pm

• Moon 9 degrees above Austonian tower at 9:12pm, 99 degrees (compass)

• Astronomical Twilight ends at 9:30pm


There are plenty of street parking in Zilker Park along Lou Neff Road. As always, carpooling is recommended. Post comments below if you would like to carpool with other photographers.

RSVP Limit and other Notes

The location is very small and can only accommodate a few people with tripods. To give enough space for everybody to take their photos, we've limit the RSVP to only 15 photographers. Please be kind and considerate with the other photographers by updating your RSVP if you can no longer make it to let the people in the waitlist move up. The RSVP will be closed the day before the event August 20, 2013 at 10:30pm.

What to bring

• Camera (yeah, don't leave home without it)

• Compass (most smart phones have them)

• Tripod

• Wide angle lens and telephoto lenses

• Cable release or intervalometer

• ND filter if you want to smooth the water for an even longer exposure

• Bug spray especially if the 'skitters love you :)

• Flashlight or headlamp as it will be dark by the time we get out

• Snacks and water

Other locations to shoot the full moon

The Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge (location of the June 2013 super moon meetup) is a good place. It is a closer at 3,510 ft from the Austonian, so the moon will not be as big relative to the buildings. The moon will rise to the right of the Austonian tower.

If you are only shooting telephoto, there is a spot in Zilker Park along Lou Neff Road where you can shoot the moon just above the Frost Bank Tower (the Owl). It is at 30.2689N, 97.7681W. The moon will be atop the Frost Bank at 9:00pm just about 6 degree high from about 8,038 ft away - a 400mm or bigger would do. Note: there may be obstruction (trees), so do a little scouting of this area.