What we're about

This Group is for people that loves photography in all ways thinkable.
All skill levels are welcome to join the group, and any type of camera is good for it.

“& Beyond” qualifies for our passion about Photography, without limitations.

We love Photography because:
- it tells stories
- it’s a language
- it makes connections with people
- it shows the environment and it can help to protect it
- it’s a document
- it express our feelings
- it's creative
- it's endless learning

What "Photography & Beyond" can offer to you?
1- Talks & Lectures
2- Photo Walks
3- Workshops
4- Photo excursions and trips overseas
5- Portfolio reviews

To become part of our group there is contribution membership fee of CAD 30.00. We are not going to force you but when you contribute, it includes automatically one free entry for a talk, that it has the same value. So, membership comes free.

Prices for the above list will be displayed when dates and topics are announced.

Who are we?
Massimo Bassano, with Italian roots and Italian personality, warm, friendly and creative, works for National Geographic since 28 years. He is a storyteller. Loves to tell stories with his photographs. For this reason, working for Nat Geo has been the real dream come true. He has been traveling over 79 countries, all over the seven continents, exploring human cultures, the beauty of Mother Nature and wildlife.


Myriam Casper, grew up over several countries, France, Brazil, Portugal and England. Mixed cultures are in her blood and highly expressed in her photographs.
Since early age, Myriam developed a passion for darkroom and Black&White photography, her "footprint".
Today Myriam teaches photography and editing video at the prestigious Vancouver Film School, private workshops and lectures and produces stories around the world.


Upcoming events (3)

STREET PHOTOGRAPHY, the most popular ART with a camera

Vancouver Film School


Starting the year at GREAT SPEED! Learn the most celebrated photography style, The Street, with the National Geographic Photographer Massimo Bassano in partnership with the professional photographer Myriam Casper. "Together We designed a really intense Street Photography Workshop to push you out of your comfort zone, giving instant feedback, directions and ideas of how to capture street moments" You will go home with results!! Why come with us? Massimo and Myriam are masters on Street & Documentary Photography. Many years of experience photographing, learning the tricks and approaching people shared with you in a day! Massimo is a National Geographic photographer for the last 28 yrs, and Myriam does street photography in Vancouver for the last 17 yrs. Our focus goes to the technical and creative approach to tell a better story in a single image. A day spent with us will give you enough knowledge to work on your own next time you hit the streets. Practice makes perfect, with the right tools! What to expect? We meet you at 10.30am at the Vancouver Film School, 151 West Cordova Street, Vancouver, BC. After an intense lecture by your instructors, we will walk together exploring Gastown and its photo opportunities and challenges. We will be together the all time. Watching at your single shoot for an instant feedback and instant improvement. A breathless experience!!! Frame by frame, photographs that you never expected to realize!!! READ ABOUT US THROUGH STUDENTS WORDS: https://www.massimobassano.com/testimonials HURRY UP, OPEN TO MAX 8 PEOPLE! We have an extra gift for ONE of YOU, who is attending the workshop. The famous Photography Publisher, RockyNook, gave us a USD 50 gift card that we decided to draw at the workshop with all the participants. One of you will get the voucher. You can use for any book available at the RN store. Either e-book or printed. RockyNook has also a specific book for Street photography, but many other titles are available. RockyNook is a publisher with some of the best books about Photography. A book is always a great opportunity for learning about this incredible art. Book your improvement in Photography on: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/street-photography-workshop-with-a-national-geographic-photographer-tickets-53223543050

HDR Photography in the Wild - Outdoor photography made CREATIVE

Vancouver Film School


HDR is an incredible photo technique that can open your creativity to another level. Known as the technique that shows in Photography as the eyes can see, with rich details in the highlights and in the dark shades (High Dynamic Range), it's possible to use a professional level with limited skills and budget. Many of us are familiar with the HDR made by any smartphone, but if you use a DSLR, Point&Shoot or Bridge camera, the result can be extraordinary. What you need is a tripod, a camera and a good subject with high contrasts (highlights & shade) and a software to manipulate and "to sign" with your own creativity the final result. Of course, other basic photo skills, as composition, makes the difference. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT from this MeetUp? We start on Friday evening with a lecture about HDR technique & software. With examples and way to proceed. Which software for professional results, camera and gears. Saturday morning, at 10.30 am, we all meet at Capilano River Regional Park in West Vancouver where the variability of scenes and the naturalness of the forest are perfect for practicing "HDR in the wild". The area is spacious so that everyone can practice in solitude and tranquillity but at the same time, path and distance permitting, learning from your teacher, Who is taking photographs too! A great occasion for learning a photo technique at great level, to meet other photo enthusiasts, to meet your hosts on field and be effected by their enthusiasm for Photography. Limited availability. First book, first get in. AND WE HAVE A GREAT SUPPORT!!! HDRSoft is the creator of the most interesting software to manage HDR Photography, it gives us support with a special discount. 25% off to buy the software Photomatix Pro if you attend the class. We will do with any weather. Rain makes the HDR even more interesting. Incredibily misty and charming. Just bring an umbrella with you. A great occasion for learning a photo technique at great level, to meet other photo enthusiasts from this MeetUp, to meet your hosts on field and be effected by their enthusiasm for Photography. Limited availability. First book first get in. Book your spot on: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/hdr-photography-in-the-wild-outdoor-photography-made-creative-tickets-53223054589

Photographing Antarctica - An Epic Journey - A talk

Vancouver Film School


• What we'll do This talk is for everyone that loves nature, that loves photography and wishes to learn how to photograph in this unique environment. Or simply would love to know about Antarctica. The most amazing place on Earth! Limited seating available, CAD 29.99 Book your spot on: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/photographing-antarctica-an-epic-journey-a-storytelling-talk-tickets-53223687482 "Going along the Andes, to the southernmost city on Earth, Ushuaia, capital of Tierra del Fuego. Crossing the tempestuous Drake Passage trying to watch the horizon through giant waves spray, till the first iceberg appears. That's the sign that we are reaching the place of a lifetime, Antarctica." We have been traveling to one of the most remote place on Earth to tell, to those at home, how it is. We went on a National Geographic ship since we have special access. We drove zodiacs everyday around icebergs looking for the wildlife. Spotting seals and penguins in their environment. We learned how to deal in their territory with maximum respect. We are the guests, they own Antarctica. The place is so special that when on ice, you feel like you are touching a frozen Paradise. Photography is a document that brings the reality. That tells the story as it is. We photographed respecting this main rule so to show Antarctica as it is. • What to bring Curiosity, questions & passion are always welcome!!!!! • Book your spot https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/photographing-antarctica-an-epic-journey-a-storytelling-talk-tickets-53223687482

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STREET PHOTOGRAPHY, the most popular ART with a camera

Vancouver Film School


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