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Photography, at any level, is a rewarding activity. Learning the skills of the trade can shape your view of reality and teach you to really notice all of the details and beauty of the world around you. It teaches you how to see. Whether you're a novice, who wants to learn how to use your new camera; a hobbyist who is looking to increase your skills in lighting or post processing; or a professional looking to be inspired by the process and work of people on the fine art side of the world our meetings have something for you (or maybe find your next assistant).

We'll be hosting bi-monthly open meetings to get to network and discuss what topics and subjects are most wanted by the group.

Coming workshops will cover the following topics:

-How to Master Manual exposure
-Basics of Composition
-Color Theory
-Introduction to Post Processing

-Portrait Posing
-Working with Models (model booked for meeting)
-Studio Lighting
-Basic Retouch Techniques
-Photo Catalog Best Practices (How to stay organized)

-Advanced Retouch
-Workflow automation
-Image Composite
-Product Photography
- Vision Execution (From sketch to print)

Our organizer is Casey Crane. Casey has more than 15 years of experience as a professional photographer. He has set-up commercial product studios for companies, worked on ad campaigns that have been in dozens of issues of top industry magazines such as Architectural Digest, Luxe, Interiors and Patron. In his career he's shot hundreds of portraits and more than 30,000 products. His artwork consists of a blend of traditional photographic techniques and processes, multimedia presentations and digital image compositions. For some examples of his work visit his website at https://www.caseycranephotography.com
or like his facebook page at

As the group grows guest speakers and lecturers will be brought in showcase specific skills and talents of the large number of photography minds that Dallas area has to offer.

Upcoming events (5+)

PHOTOSkill Open Critique

American Beauty Mill

::::::::::::Call for Work!!! Let's work together to get better:::::::::::::: Composition can be one of the trickiest things to learn. No one can be with you behind the camera. That moment your finger trips the shutter, that's yours. With thousands of repetitions you start to form your own vision and develop a style that can be recognized. Your work is a result of thousands of tiny micro-decisions (many you may not even know you are making). You grow in this art form by comparing notes and putting your work out there for people to see, people who have something useful to say about it. Getting honest feedback of your work is key to growth in photography, art and (if we're honest) life in general; the impersonal nature of Social Media isn't very useful in this regard. It's either too positive for all the wrong reasons, or a stone thrown from the safety of relative anonymity. I'd take one honest and well thought out point on how I might improve an image or process to one thousand 'Likes'. That information is invaluable. I say we do something about this. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: The rules: -Bring Work Prints are best since they can be hung and viewed as a group. Small cheap prints from Walgreens or Costco are a fantastic place to start. Tablets are ok (but not prefered); However, phones are not allowed! There's nothing that will throw this off faster than a bunch of people with their heads down looking at their phones. -Keep it Friendly Everyone starts from somewhere. -Be Constructive Be encouraging but offer concrete suggestions for improvement. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I've wanted to do this for a while and I'd love it if all of you would join me. It's all the fun of art school without the insane tuition!! -Casey

PHOTOskill - Camera Operation Beginner Workshop

American Beauty Mill


Your camera can do much more than you think! It can render the world as you see it or be a tool that helps you unlock entire dimensions of untapped creativity. No matter what your goals with photography, you're going to need to know all of the features that your little friend has, how it 'thinks', and how to work with its capabilities (and limitations) to create or capture your vision. Simply speaking, I want to show you the road that (with practice) will get you working with your camera as if it were a natural extension of yourself. The specifics of what we'll cover in this workshop are: -How does your camera 'know' how to take a picture? -How does your camera get it wrong? -What is metering? -Exposure factors (aperture, shutter and ISO) -White Balance -Shooting Modes (M, Av, Tv, C1, C2, C3) and when to use them -Auto Focus Modes and when to use them These are the factors of photography that are common to all SLR cameras, no matter the brand. I've limited the group size to 12 participants so that there will be time enough for in-depth hands-on demonstration for everyone in the group. If you're a beginner this is the absolute best place to start! Even if you've been shooting for a while or taken a break from photography, this is a great refresher to fill in potential gaps in your knowledge base in a fun and engaging way.

PHOTOSkill Editing - Lightroom Workshop 2: RAW Editing!

American Beauty Mill


Welcome to the PHOTOSkill Lightroom Workshop Series! If you were at our last Lightroom Workshop you learned about how the software is structured and how to start building your workflow. That's great! But you're not really going to just push those suckers out into the world without a bit of polish, right? In this instalment we'll learn how to make those RAW photos shine. Lightroom offers a ton of tools to give your images that primer coat they need before going to Photoshop for the full gloss paint job or, in a lot of cases, finish the job right then. Photoshop is great, seriously, BUT if you're got more than a handful of images to process the extra time you take pulling each one into Photoshop can slow your editing down to a crawl. If you're shooting events or other subjects that produce a metric ton of images you're going to want to take full advantage of the RAW editing that Lightroom offers. Even if you're Photoshop fluent Lightroom can offer a huge boost to your creativity and efficiency with its easy interface and smooth operation. In this workshop we'll cover: -Color Management -Exposure (using the hidden feedback tools) -Black and White Conversion -Virtual Copy Workflows -Blemish Retouch -Preset creation -Post edit workflow For this workshop I'd like to take submissions from the Community. Let me show you how to edit YOUR photos. Send your submissions to [masked] and I'll use your images for this demonstration.

PHOTOSkill Dallas Open Mixer

Lee Harvey's

Hey Everyone! We're hosting another of our monthly mixers. Come out and meet people from the group, voice your support and let the community know how it can help you in your photography journey. The first Sunday of every month has been chosen for our mixers. Additional mixers will be added during some months to accommodate members who have different work schedules. On the agenda this time: -Beginner Workshops Subjects to cover Costs -Intermediate Workshops Subjects Studio access Costs -Field trip shooting ideas -Discussion of adding an open critique for those who want member feedback. You've all been so supportive, I'd just like to personally thank you for your input and enthusiasm.

Past events (10)

PHOTOSkill Editing - Lightroom Workshop 1: Basics

American Beauty Mill


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