White on Black, Black on White

This is a past event

5 people went


Hi Everyone,

I'm canceling the motorcycle shoot for a number of reasons, one of which is the weather, and moving inside to my studio.

The theme for this shoot is White on Black; Black on White. We are working in the style of David Yurman and then Stuart Weitzman.

Google either of those names and you'll see the style: black background, white background.

Our model is Jenni, who is new to me and who comes to me from Tom Brunoski: Thanks Tom!!

This is a strobe lighting meetup. If you are interested in strobes and want to see and use them in action, I'll be using my Hensel Porty 1200L battery pack. Each lighting scenario uses one light, so you can check out and get great results with just one light source.

With my new relationship with Hensel Lighting getting underway, I'll be using all of their gear and shelving my Profoto's.

Beat the heat and head down to my studio for some great shooting fun.

If you are looking to buy strobes, I'll cover the differences in brands, what to look for, monolight versus pack and head, etc.

Hope to see you there!!