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From: Darrell MacIver

When I was first getting started into photography I felt completely like a fish out of water. The really scary thing was that there wasn’t a soul in sight to help. Desperate to learn but not a clue where to begin, I joined my first meet up group.

There was always someone, or something to be learned from the people who attended. My only wish is that I had joined earlier so I could have avoided many of the common pitfalls.

I’m now feeling comfortable as an amateur photographer and owe it to the support of others photographers. Although I enjoy the other meet up groups, for some to travel into Vancouver for every event is not always possible and besides, if you’re not quick the sessions fill up and you find yourself out of luck.

If you’re really serious about learning more about photography, give a photography group a try! In fact give Metro Vancouver Photography, Travel & Connections group a try.

From Vicki Morell:

"This group is for amateur & professional photographers that are also interested in local or international travel & making new connections. We will get together to talk about travel & or photography and also to plan local or international travel!"

Also follow us on Instagram @lmphoto_meetup. Add hashtag #lmphoto_meetup to be featured.

Hi everyone,

Meetup etiquette…

1. The people that organize the meetups in this group are volunteers.

2. If you sign up for a meetup that costs money ie. the Eagle Boat Safari and you are asked to prepay by a certain date and don’t or you don’t cancel giving up your space, then you will automatically be banned for signing up for any trips, outings etc. that have a cost attached to them.

3. If you have asked for a ride and have set up a time and place to meet your ride and you don't show up or let them know you have cancelled you will be given 2 strikes and then banned from the group.

4. If you sign up for a meetup and don't show with no cancellation or message to the coordinator after 3 times and you will be out of the group.

Happy Shooting!

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Upload your July pictures 2021 now! Virtual Meetup!

Hi everyone,

It's time to start uploading your July 2021 pictures. This is a virtual Meetup!

A quick note about this meet up. This meet up will be done on a monthly basis & 1 picture will be chosen as the picture of the month.

Start submitting your July pictures now until Aug 7.

***Please tell us where you took the picture***

Thanks in advance & happy shooting:):)

Portrait Party at Spanish Banks

Spanish Banks East Concession

Hi everyone,

**Please make sure you answer the questions when you sign up or email me at: [masked]

Let's do another portrait party and then have coffee at the concession stand. This portrait party is wide open for people portraits & or dog portraits. There will be 3 stations so I am looking for 2 others to be a team leaders for the other 2 stations. You can take pictures and or have your picture taken with your dog, family etc.

******Please Make sure you answer the following Questions when you sign up:
1. Are you coming just to take pictures?
2. Are you coming to be a model?
3. Are coming to do both?

We will meet at 8:00 am at the Spanish Banks East concession stand.

My cell# is[masked]

Whale Watching out of Steveston

Steveston Seabreeze Adventures Vancouver

Come whale watching out of Steveston with Seabreeze Adventures in their semi enclosed boat


Call[masked] to book and tell them you are with my group under Vicki Morell

The boat leaves at 11:00am but you need to be there at 10:30

$145.00 for adults
$125.00 for students and seniors
$85.00 for children 3-12

Photographing Hummingbirds...virtual meetup!

Online event

Please note: this is a virtual meetup! Show us your hummingbird photos and tell us what settings & any tips you use. I love photographing hummingbirds but they are are very tricky to capture because of their speed. Having a hummingbird feeder isn't a must but it sure does help. Front lighting, light that comes from behind your camera helps illuminate & pick up the amazing colours that hummingbirds are known for. Shutter speeds of 1/500 of a second are brief enough to freeze the movement of a hovering bird yet slow enough to show the wings as high speed blurs. Happy shooting!

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Upload your June pictures 2021 now! Virtual Meetup!

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