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From: Darrell MacIver

When I was first getting started into photography I felt completely like a fish out of water. The really scary thing was that there wasn’t a soul in sight to help. Desperate to learn but not a clue where to begin, I joined my first meet up group.

There was always someone, or something to be learned from the people who attended. My only wish is that I had joined earlier so I could have avoided many of the common pitfalls.

I’m now feeling comfortable as an amateur photographer and owe it to the support of others photographers. Although I enjoy the other meet up groups, for some to travel into Vancouver for every event is not always possible and besides, if you’re not quick the sessions fill up and you find yourself out of luck.

If you’re really serious about learning more about photography, give a photography group a try! In fact give Metro Vancouver Photography, Travel & Connections group a try.

From Vicki Morell:

"This group is for amateur & professional photographers that are also interested in local or international travel & making new connections. We will get together to talk about travel & or photography and also to plan local or international travel!"

Also follow us on Instagram @lmphoto_meetup. Add hashtag #lmphoto_meetup to be featured.

Hi everyone,

Meetup etiquette…

1. The people that organize the meetups in this group are volunteers.

2. If you sign up for a meetup that costs money ie. the Eagle Boat Safari and you are asked to prepay by a certain date and don’t or you don’t cancel giving up your space, then you will automatically be banned for signing up for any trips, outings etc. that have a cost attached to them.

3. If you have asked for a ride and have set up a time and place to meet your ride and you don't show up or let them know you have cancelled you will be given 2 strikes and then banned from the group.

4. If you sign up for a meetup and don't show with no cancellation or message to the coordinator after 3 times and you will be out of the group.

Happy Shooting!

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Moonrise over Mount Baker ?

Cypress Mountain Viewpoint (Barrett's View)

A nearly full moon is expected to rise towards the southeast on Thursday June 4th at 8:11 PM in the direction of Mount Baker from Cypress Viewpoint. I will head up there around 7:30 PM with a telephoto lens to (hopefully) get a good shot of the disc of the moon coming up while Mount Baker is still in daylight. Be aware that it may be crowded with photographers so it might be wise to get there early and stake your spot with your tripod. Unfortunately I cannot offer ride up there due to the present circumstances, but this won't the last moonrise! My cell phone is[masked] in case you want to connect with me at the viewing area.

Exploring Crescent Beach

Needs a location

Let's explore Crescent Beach. There is 1 main road into Crescent Beach follow it to the end find parking and we will meet on walkway/beach area right there. Scenery & wildlife will probably be the main focus. Bring your coffee. Good place to physical distance in the morning. My number is[masked]

Upload your April & May Pictures 2020 now!

1234 Meet

Hi everyone, It's time to start uploading your April & May 2020 pictures. A quick note about this meet up. This meet up will be done on a monthly basis & 1 picture will be chosen as the picture of the month. Start submitting your April & May pictures now until June 7. ***Please tell us where you took the picture*** We have adopted National Geographic's Your Shot Rules see below: Your Shot Photo Guidelines We allow and encourage all types of photography. We love to see new photography and watch our users experiment with creative styles and techniques. We are device agnostic, happy to see images from full-frame DSLRs, film cameras, smartphones, and others. Our biggest ask is that the photos stay true to your personal vision and to what you saw. Please avoid heavy-handed processing. We want to see the world through your eyes, not through the excessive use of editing tools. If the photograph is manipulated, please describe your process in the caption. Below are some basic photo guidelines. ETHICS: National Geographic supports ethical photography that accurately represents cultures, ecosystems, and wildlife. We expect that the welfare of people, animals, and their environments take precedence over photography. In other words, don’t harm or manipulate the subject or its environment for the sake of creating an image. CAPTION: We insist on truth in captioning and expect full disclosure in the story behind the photo. The description should be complete and accurate. Not only does this establish trust and lend greater credibility to your photo, but it also increases the engagement of the viewer. BURNING AND DODGING: Brightening or darkening specific areas in an image is allowed but should be kept to a minimum and not done to the point where it is obvious. Your goal in using digital darkroom techniques should only be to adjust the dynamic tonal range and color balance of an image so that it more closely resembles what you saw and communicates the mood of the scene. CROPPING: Cropping is allowed, but composing the image in-camera is always ideal. CLONING: Cloning is not allowed. BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY: Converting your color photos to black and white is acceptable. STITCHED PANORAMAS: These are allowed only if the segments were all made within the same time frame. Don't create panoramas with sections made at significantly different times. Do not change focal length while creating a stitched image. Do not stretch the meaning of panorama to include elements that weren't in the scene as you saw it. If your photo is a stitched image, please indicate so in the caption. COMPOSITE OR HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE (HDR): These shots are allowed only if the combined parts are made at the same time. Don't submit final images where the foreground was shot at noon and the sky at sunset. If your photo is an HDR image, please indicate this in the caption. FILTERS: We allow filters on photographs. We ask that you please include a description of how the style was achieved and which filter or technique was used. Use discretion, however, as overprocessing can often make the photo look cartoonish. WATERMARKS: Your Shot always credits the author of a photo whenever and wherever it appears on the site, along with providing a link to the author's profile. Because of this, there's no need to watermark your photo. A small and subtle watermark is allowed but not encouraged—we want to see your photograph without any distractions. Thanks in advance & happy shooting:):)

Spring has sprung... virtual meetup

Needs a location

Show us your spring 2020 pictures. This is a virtual meetup.

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Heron nesting area & beach by Tawwassen Ferries

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