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Cameras and Coffee

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Coffee time!

We'll hang out, drink hot (and cold) beverages, and talk photography (or anything else you want to discuss).

New Location

La Colombe Torrefaction
1335 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125


At the Meetup we are going to talk about the upcoming Summer Beach Photo Shoots If you are interested come to the Meetup to learn more.

At this meetup we will demonstrate the use of a reflector to be held by a photographer's assistant to shade a models eyes from the sun to prevent the model's eyes from squinting and producing an usable photograph. This is very important technek to master if you are going to take outdoor wedding photographs you cannot sell a picture with the bridge eyes half closed. A second reflector usually gold is than used to fill the shaded area and enrich the shin tones. If you have high wind this may take a second assistant.

See you at the meetup