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Autumn colors and tropical heat

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Beautiful trees and colourful leaves
Interested in photographing the yellows, oranges and reds of the leaves? If yes, you'll have to hurry before the wind blows everything away. Autumn spreads it's decent colors everywhere. But one place is even more special. It is the Späth-Arboretum of Humboldt-University Berlin, the tree collection.

Outside, there are so many different types of trees which you will rarely see arranged like this anywhere in the world!

Not enough, the greenhouse with its variety of plants is also worth a visit.

After the visit to the park / greenhouse we will get together for a coffee or drink to discuss what we've seen and other pjtography related issues.

What to know
The entry fee for the garden is only 1€.

What to bring
So, bring of course your camera, if you have, your macro and zoom equipment and whatever you may need for landscape AND close-ups. Of course, we will discuss, ask and explain as we go. Don't worry, if you don't have a special photo gear. I have seen stunning pictures which were taken with an instamatic.

What we will do
Supposably we will be a good mix of experts and beginners sharing the same passion and don't forget: there is always someone who knows something which all the others don't know. We also will have a small challenge for the excitement ;)

What if
We can expect the weather condition will be perfect for that day, we will meet in any case and in case its raining, there is also the greenhouse.

How to get there
By public transport: U7 till Blaschkoallee from there Bus 170 direction Baumschulenweg, get off at Baumschulenweg/ Königsheideweg

By car: use your SatNav / GPS ;-)

If you have any questions, please contact the organizer or start a discussion.


What else
Attending the meetup is free but if you liked it and feel like, you may make a little donation (maybe between one and five euro) after the meetup (pay-as-you-can-and-liked-it). This will help to prepare and run future great Photoresk Meetups, tutorials and Workshops