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Palais de Justice

Poelaertplein 1 · Bruxelles

How to find us

we will meet at the monument in the middle of the square

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time in the evening with this magic light...
Blue hour is slightly misleading, usually it last around half an hour hour after sunset. We will try to capture some nice city views. Later we will do some low-light / night shots.

----- UPDATE ----------

Looking forward to see you tomorrow for the Blue Hour Photoresk Meetup.

Weather and timing
The weather-forecast is very promising, mainly sunny at 15C. Sunset will be 19:08, expect nice light - the 'blue hour' until 20:00.

Later it will become so dark that higher ISO or even longer exposure times are necessary. Remember: higher ISO means more noise, longer exposure times increase the risk of motion blur and require a tripod or something else to keep the camera in a steady position.

No clue, what I am talking about, ISO, shutter speed? Don't worry, stay curious and ask tomorrow ;-)

In preparation for tomorrow, you may want to consult your camera manual and have an idea how to switch the flash off and to put your camera in manual or shutter priority mode, set the ISO and the metering to spot or center-weighted average. Put the manual in your bag.
Advanced, who want to experiment may check how to change between first and second curtain flash trigger....

If you have a tripod, bring it. If you don't have one, just don't go and buy a cheap one - choosing the right tripod will affect all your future work with it and there are some important things to consider. We will deal with those technical aspects at another meetup if there is some interest.
If you don't have a tripod, try to bring something on which you can put the camera in a stable way and keep motions away from it. This can be the famous granny's cherry stone cushion or a freezer bag half filled with salt or grain - you just have to find a suitable wall or other support underneath :-)

The location will allow for both, city-views and later the combination of fading ambient light from traffic e.g. on Rue Royale towards Palais de Justice.

When taking pictures in traffic, always remember that Brussels drivers are now very famous for careful driving - stay safe :-)

Suggestions and inputs are -as usual- welcome - share your experience, we are all curious ;-)
------end update ----------------

Hopefully we have clear sky ....

Capturing light of the blue hour will require a longer exposure time than normal daytime photos.If you have a tripos - bring it. Or borrow granny's cherry stone cushion to put the camera steady on a wall.

What else?

You may want to check how to set your camera to spot or center-weighted average metering. It's a good idea to put your camera manual in your bag just in case you have questions to the settings ;-)