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Street Photography in Brussels

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A small group of photographers interested in Streetlife, go out on the streets together, share tips, take shots, after a few hours find a welcoming cafe and go through every bodies selections, preferably with a laptop…
Limit 8 members to keep it reasonable.

More details;

RDV @ 1.30pm, Full itinerary given and discussed.

2.00pm we will split into smaller groups and explore specific zones, hopefully in good daylight I can't promise sun unfortunately but we will work with whatever is given to us, if it rains heavily I have some indoor location ideas.

4.00pm regroup; Q&A; Troubleshooting. Form new groups and explore different zones in low light and dusk… perhaps we might have some blue light.

6pm regroup; find a cafe; upload pictures; select; critique; present to the group for evaluation and feedback.

8pm estimated end.

All times are approximate and can very depending on various aspects.

What you will need;

1 camera DSLR or good compact with enough disk space, + extra disk, 16GB should be enough for 4 hours.

2 fully charged camera batteries, keep spare battery warm; cold batteries quickly loose their charge.

I would recommend the full frame equivalent of a 35mm or 50mm fixed lens for street photography, but if all you have is a small zoom it will also be good, you really want something small, light and responsive, any doubts please contact me.

1 Laptop with battery fully charged with Lightroom or similar soft installed and enough free space.

If you don't have a laptop you can still take part but I think you will miss the most valuable part of this meetup, to select, show and discuss your results with the group and above all learning from the mistakes because often we learn more from our mistakes then our successes, sharing these can be very rewarding.

+ Rugsack or comfortable shoulder bag and warm clothing.

What you don't need: Tripod/ multiple lens/ etc.

More details later...